UBG-16 Ultimate Bar Graph Engine Analyzer


UBG-16 Ultimate Bar Graph Engine Analyzer

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The Ultimate Bar Graph Engine Analyzer - E. I. has been manufacturing analyzers that are relied upon by thousands of pilots around the world since 1980. The Ultimate Bar Graph Engine Analyzer (model UBG-16) is the most sophisticated instrument in our arsenal. Its unique features were designed to provide you with the ultimate tool for detecting engine problems in their earliest stages and assisting you in operating your engine safely and economically.


  • Up to 16 Temperatures/Functions

  • All Programming done Easily from the front panel

  • 16 Programmable individual High Limits

  • Programmable individual Low Limits

  • Programmable EGT Differential Alarm

  • Programmable Shock Cooling Alarm

  • Programmable range for bar graph display

  • Programmable Scan Rate

  • Automatic True Peak detect eliminates false peaks

  • Calculates temperature below peak automatically

  • Fuel/Air Mixture Profiling

  • Normalized mode with long term memory for easy problem detection

  • Crisp Clear Display

  • Stable 1 Degree Resolution

  • Electronics International's well known long lasting probes

  • Functions available: EGT/CHT, TIT, Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature, Fuel Pressure, Fuel Flow (Flow ONLY), Manifold Pressure, OAT, Carb., Cowl Temp, Other Temp, Gyro Vacuum, RPM, Bus Voltage w/ Amps (Counts as two functions)

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