GDL 39 ADS-B Receiver

GDL 39 ADS-B Receiver

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I just want to give you some feedback on the GDL 39.
I had one of my most challenging flying days (weather wise) two weeks ago. It was the first test of the GDL 39 so I was a bit concerned about how it would perform.
The data was amazing. Quick updates, accurate and dependable. The resolution of the radar is not an issue. Of course the XM radar is better resolution but the GDL is plenty good enough and the frequent updates makes it a better product than the XM.
Thank you for your help with this. I regret I didn’t do it sooner!
Mike Rupp

The GDL 39 offers the complete package that combines a dual-link ADS-B receiver and a Garmin's industry-leading GPS receiver into a single unit that streams ADS-B traffic and subscription-free weather to Garmin aviation portables, and works with Garmin Piiot™ on the iPad seamlessly.

Subscription-free weather information is continuously broadcast using the FAA's 978 MHz UAT uplink and is similar to the basic services offered by leading commercial satellite weather providers. Weather services include access to NEXRAD imagery, METARs, TAFs, winds and temperatures aloft, SUA status, PIREPs, NOTAMs and more.

Pilots can also receive ADS-B traffic information and alerts to help .dentify potential traffic conflicts. In addition to the ability to receive traffic data from TIS-B ground stations, the dual-link GDL 39 offers direct air-to-air ADS-B reception on both ADS-B frequencies (1090 ES and 978 UAT) to provide a more comprehensive view of potential flight path conflicts.

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