Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Pacific Coast Avionics Upgrades Citation Panel

For Immediate Release, Aurora, Oregon, September 18,2013 — Dewey Conroy, Vice President and COO of Pacific Coast Avionics, has announced the completion of a Citation V panel upgrade for a local customer. The aircraft, based in Aurora, Oregon, is owned and operated by Ted Millar of Westwood Development Corporation. Typical missions for the aircraft include flights up and down the West Coast in support of client meetings and supervision of various development projects.

Commenting on the panel upgrade, Conroy said, “Although there are a variety of manufacturer products in the finished panel, this is predominantly a Garmin upgrade. Garmin’s current technology and product performance complement a wide range of business aircraft and this Citation panel is a perfect example of how we can match panel specifications to aircraft performance and mission profile.”

The new equipment list for the Citation panel includes the Garmin G-600 EFIS/MFD, dual GTN-750 touchscreen GPS/NAV/COMS, dual GTX-33/ES Mode S Transponders, a GMA-35 Audio System, GWX-70 Radar, and GTS-820 Traffic System. The Garmin package is complemented by an L-3 Avionics Trilogy EFIS and a WX-500 Stormscope. Once the installation was completed, Pacific Coast Avionics also achieved new RVSM certification for the aircraft.

Conroy went on to say, “This new avionics package provides capabilities not found in most legacy Citation series aircraft such as WAAS GPS approaches, multiple multi-function displays, touchscreen flight management systems, multiple in-flight weather capabilities and displays, and full ADS-B “In” and “Out” functions.”

Commenting further on the finished panel, Conroy added, “The new equipment installation obviously required a complete re-design of the panel layout and we utilized our in-house capabilities to have all new panels designed, cut, finished, and laser engraved. The end result is a modern panel that provides the very latest inavionics technology and adds years of useful life to the aircraft.”

Pacific Coast Avionics is a major supplier of avionics, instruments, and pilot supplies to customers worldwide, and represents all major manufacturers by providing sales, service and installation support. The company is located on Aurora State Airport just south of Portland, Oregon. Its 14,000 square foot facility can accommodate a wide range of aircraft up to and including business jets. Pacific Coast Avionics is an FAA approved Repair Station, No. OPXR455L, Class 1, 2, and 3Limited Instrument.

For complete details, contact Dewey Conroy at 503-678-6242 or fax 503-678-6292. You can also visit the company web site at

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