Monday, May 13, 2013

 Pacific COAST AVIONICS announces avionics upgrade on CessnaCitation sERIES


Avionics upgrade gives Citation II operator LPV/LNAV/GPS approachcapabilities
as well as active weather radar, traffic and ADS-B conformity.


Portland, OR, January 28, 2015  — Dewey Conroy, Vice President and COO ofPacific Coast Avionics has announced that the company recently completedanother a touchscreen GPS/NAV/COM and digital weather radar upgrade on a CessnaCitation II business jet.


The Citation II is owned and operated by an extrudedplastics products manufacturer with multiple U.S. locations.


“The aircraft’s legacy NAV/COM/DME, ADF, transponder andradar had been in the panel for 30-plus-years and they were not only becomingunreliable, but they lacked the capabilities that the owner needed to meet hisgrowing business travel needs,” Conroy said. “The new Garmin touchscreenradios, ADS-B, active traffic and BendixKing vertical-profile radar give thepilots advanced operational and situational awareness capabilities at a truefraction of the cost of a newer aircraft.”


Conroy explained that the Citation II’s panel upgradeincluded:

• Dual Garmin GTN 750 touchscreen GPS/NAV/COMs

• Garmin GMA 35 Remote Audio Control System

• Garmin GDL 88D ADS-B Transceiver

• Garmin GTS 825 Air Traffic Surveillance and CollisionAvoidance System

• BendixKing RDR 2000 Digital Vertical Profile Weather Radar 


“This is the fourth Citation II we’ve upgraded with asimilar system so the entire project was rather straightforward,” he explained.“It’s always a challenge integrating new digital technology in older aircraftsystems. The biggest parts of the upgrade were fabricating the new wiringharnesses and interfaces along with the new panel center section to accommodatethe Garmin GTN 750s.”



About Pacific Coast Avionics

Founded in 1991, and located at Aurora State Airport, justsouth of Portland Oregon, Pacific Coast Avionics is a major supplier of avionics, instruments, and pilot supplies tocustomers worldwide, and represents all major manufacturers by providing sales,service and installation support. Its 14,000 square foot facility canaccommodate a wide range of aircraft up to and including business jets. PacificCoast Avionics is an FAA approved Repair Station, No. OPXR455L, Class 1, 2/LimitedInstrument. For a copy of the PCA catalog or for more information, visit:



Media Contact:

Dewey Conroy

VP President/COO

Pacific Coast Avionics




Dale Smith

Media Relations Representative


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