Tuesday, May 24, 2016

 Pacific COAST AVIONICs will celebrate its
25th anniversary on June 01, 2016


The leading avionics retail, installation and repair business startedas a “one man shop”
in 1991 and has grown to a staff of 17 general aviation professionals.


Portland, OR (May 27, 2016) — Dewey Conroy, Vice President and COO, Pacific Coast Avionics, announcedthat the company will celebrate its 25th anniversary on June 01,2016.

“First of all I can’t believe it has been 25 years since wefilled our first order,” Conroy said. “Growing from that one small office totoday having 17 avionics sales, support and installation technicians working intwo dedicated shop/hangar facilities here in Aurora, Oregon is more than I everimagined. Saying I’m proud is an understatement.”

“When Dewey and I started our direct mail avionics and pilotsupply business in 1991 as a literal one-man-shop,in Auburn, Washington, we had no idea how Pacific Coast Avionics would grow,”stated company President/CEO and co-founder, Rick Garcia. “I am extremely proudof everyone who has played a role in the company’s success and am lookingforward to continuing its success for another quarter-century.”

Pacific Coast Avionics Historical Highlights:

• 1991: Opened in Auburn, Washington selling mail-orderavionics and pilot supplies

• 1993: Moved to a hangar on Auburn Airport

• 1994: First avionics installation was an Apollo Loran in aMooney

• 1995: Received first Garmin Platinum Elite Dealer Award

• 1996: Delivered first complete panel for a kitaircraft 2005:

• 1997: Relocated to an 8,500 sq. ft., purpose-built retail,avionics shop, installation hanger in Aurora State Airport in Aurora, Oregon

• 2001: Opened a second 8,500 sq. ft. hangar facility atcurrent location

• 2002: Opened online store

• 2005: Completed first warbird panel in an A-26Invader

• 2014: Completed first ADS-B installation in a PiperMeridian

• 2016: Celebrated 25th Anniversary

“Looking back at our history, I think that’s really helpedPacific Coast Avionics grow to becoming one of the top avionics sales,installation and repair facilities in the west is the simple fact that everyonehere loves general aviation,” Conroy said. “Whether as a pilot, aircraft owneror just fan of airplanes, we understand the investment our customers are makingin their aircraft and we are single-mindedly committed to ensuring they receivethe best value for their money.”

“It hasn’t always been a smooth flight, but it’s been a lotof fun,” he said. “We love this industry and are all looking forward to what wecan continue to do to help it grow.”

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