Pacific Coast Avionics Sales
Tax Exemption Qualification

No sales tax will be charged on orders
provided one of the following are met:

  • Items must be shipping to address outside of Florida
  • Equipment is installed on fixed-wing aircraft weighing more than 2000 lbs
  • Equipment is installed under an STC
  • A current Florida Resale Certificate is used
  • Equipment is being installed on foreign registry aircraft
  • Equipment is being purchased by a non-resident dealer for resale purposes

Please note some items might require additional documentation to be submitted for the exemption to be valid. The exemptions only apply to sales tax charged within Florida. The customer has the responsibility to determine if sales and use tax must be remitted in their home state or country. Call 800.353.0370 for complete details. Pacific Coast Avionics Corporation reserves the right for final determination of the exemption.