VHF COMM Transceiver
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Manufacturer: FLIGHTLINE
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The Flightline FL-760 comes with all the features a pilot needs, but without taking valuable space or using too much aircraft power. Its dimensions are 2 ¼” x 6.3” and only weighs .9 pounds. The com frequency range of the FL-760 is 118.00 to 136.975 MHz and it has a 5 watt transmitter and 11-33v power supply. Noisy conditions that are expected in a kit aircraft are no match for the FL-760 voice-activated intercom and manual squelch control. Use the FL-760 display to change between frequencies with the “flip/flop” option, or you can use “scan mode” to rapidly change through 32 programmable frequencies. The screen of the FL-760 is also backlit so it’s easy to see at night, and if any emergencies arise, there is an instant button for the 121.50 emergency frequency.

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