Falcon Attitude Gyro (14V DC, 8 degree panel)

Attitude Gyro 14V DC, 8 degree panel
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Manufacturer:FALCON GAUGE
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Attitude Gyros provide a continuous visual display of the aircraft’s attitude with respect to the earth for every maneuver around the longitudinal (pitch) and lateral (roll) axes, as well as banking angles.

A precise AC brush-less motor is featured in the FALCON GAUGE electrical attitude gyro. A hybrid inverter converts the aircraft DC power to the required voltage and frequency for motor operation. The power failure flag drops into view whenever the voltage drops below a level acceptable for proper operation of the gyro. The electrical gyro can be caged by pulling the “Pull to Cage” knob. The new version of the FALCON GAUGE electrical gyro also features an anti-vibration device.

Power Supply: 14V DC or 28V DC

Dimensions: 3-3/8” x 6.46/164 mm

Weight: 2.4 lb / 984 g

A gyro specially built for instrument panel tilt up to 17º can be special ordered.