Angle-Of-Attack - Professional
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Designed for experimental aircraft pilots, Angle-of-Attack unlocks Navy carrier pilots secrets and brings top notch safety to your aircraft. All aircraft approaches should be flown at the same optimum approach angle of attack and not the same IAS. Precision approaches just like the military and airline pilots is now possible. With this Angle-of-Attack and it's accurately gauge Vx, Vy, Best glide, L/D max, and maximum endurance AOA you can see angle-of-attack is not a function of fuel load, density altitude, weight, bank angle, and etc. This easy to read and accurate angle of attack aircraft instrument is based on a long known aerodynamic principle. The AOA Professional includes a four color liquid crystal display and voice system which warns of gear position errors, dangerously high AOA, and installation/hardware errors. There are no messy probes, ugly vanes or dangerous protrusions to slow you down or accumulate ice on your aircraft.