Air Gizmo Horizontal Angle Adapter

Horizontal Angle Adapter for Garmin Aera and GPSMAP-196/296/396/496
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We've heard a lot of feedback about the Garmin GPS units and that it can be difficult to see if viewing from an angle. When the GPS is mounted on the opposite side of the panel from the pilot it's very noticeable. Our solution: the Angle Adapter for Garmin GPS units. It angles the GPS unit at a fixed angle of 15 degrees. This then provides a more convenient viewing angle.

Our adapter for the Garmin GPS fits in the same panel cutout as the Panel Dock. This allows you to attach this adapter without having to modify your installation. With our Angle Adapter you can mount it in either direction, in case you fly in the right seat.

By using this adapter for the Garmin GPS units you can grow your installation options. This is because it lets you surface-mount the Panel Dock on any instrument panel.

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