All In One CERTIFIED Engine Monitor - Twin Engine System
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This product takes the best from the EDM-760 and adds total engine display monitoring including Tach, % Horsepower, Hobbs, Manifold Pressure, EGT, CHT, Oil Pressure, Oil Temp, Fuel Flow, Outside Air Temp, Volts, and Amps plus optional Fuel Pressure, Fuel Quantity, and Turbine Intlet Temp. As with the popular EDM-700 and EDM-800, the EDM-930 has internal memory that records all engine parameters that can be displayed on your computer to keep track of the health of your engine as well as warnings for shock cooling and excess temperature differentials. With a Size of 5.1" x 5" x 2" and weight of 2.6 lbs, the EDM-930 is the latest graphic engine analyzer from the JP Instruments. Each individual engine display has a variable scale and alarm limit to fit your particular airplane.

The EDM-900 is certified as a replacement for existing analog engine gages including fuel quantity 
(optional) and provides a full color engine display. The display fits in a standard 3 1/8” instrument hole 
and the system includes all probes, sensors, and transducers for RPM, Manifold Pressure, EGT/CHT, 
Oil Temp and Pressure, Fuel Pressure, Fuel Flow, OAT, and Volts/Amps. Standard JPI features include 
data loading/memory, shock cooling warning, Lean Find, and percent horsepower. The EDM-900 is the 
smallest certified engine monitor system available. Bezel size is 3.1” x 4” and it can display vertically 
or horizontally.

  • EDM-900 Systems Include Sensors and Probes for these Functions:
  • RPM
  • Manifold Pressure
  • Outside Air Temperature
  • Exhaust Gas Temperature (All Cylinders)
  • Cylinder Head Temperature (All Cylinders)
  • Oil Temperature
  • Oil Pressure
  • Volts/Amps
  • Full Function Fuel Computer
  • 2GB Memory Stick
  • Data Recording (800 hours every 6 Seconds)

    Optional Functions Include:
  • Fuel Pressure
  • Fuel Quantity (Up to Four Tanks)
  • Turbine Inlet Temperature
  • Carb Temperature
  • Induction Air Temperature
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