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aera 796
aera® 796 with 3D Vision

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Manufacturer: GARMIN
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Product Features


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GARMIN- The aera 796 is the future in your flight bag. The aera 796 features a unique 3D Vision perspective view of the topography beneath your aircraft. The aera 796's "virtual reality" flight graphics can be framed with GPS-derived indications of ground track, altitude, groundspeed, vertical speed, and turn indication-all updated 5 times per second. The large 7-inch hi-res touchscreen brings tap-and-go simplicity to navigation. And geo-referenced FliteCharts, IFR Enroute Chrts, VFR Sectional Charts, SafeTaxi diagrams, AOPA Airport Directory, and more, all come pre-loaded! A built-in digital document viewer expands the unit's utility as an electronic flight bag (EFB), letting you view an entire approach at a glance. You can add airways, satellite weather with NEXRAD, and XM audio entertainment.

aera 796 Mapping Includes:

Americas Navigation Data, U.S. SafeTaxi, U.S. VFR/IFR Charts, U.S. Flite (Approach) Charts, U.S Obstacles, and AOPA Airport Directory.

aera 796 Package Includes:

  • GXM-40 XM Antenna
  • GA-25 Remote GPS Antenna w/Suction Mount
  • Yoke Mount
  • Cigarette Lighter Adapter
  • Home A/C Charger w/Cradle Dock
  • USB Cable
  • Touchscreen Cleaning Cloth
  • Pilots Guide/Quick Reference Guide


3D Vision

Sectional Map

IFR Map with Weather

Document Viewer

Scratch Pad

IFR Charts
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