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With the introduction of the GTX 327 solid-state Mode C digital transponder, GARMIN revolutionizes a part of the panel that has been long overlooked. This full-featured, TSO certified transponder brings a unique level of functionality and utility to your airplane. Its solid-state transmitter provides 200 watts nominal power output and eliminates the need for a cavity tube which, when it fails, will be expensive to replace. And since the GTX 327's design is 100 percent solid state, there's lower power consumption, much lower heat emission, and no warm up time-all of which translates into a longer service life. Some of the GTX 327's biggest features are the easiest to see. Among them, the easy-reading DSTN Liquid Crystal Display which reverses the numbers out of black for optimal viewing. The numeric keypad makes entering a squawk code a snap, and a dedicated VFR button allows for quick-and-easy 1200/VFR squawking. The GTX 327 also offers important timing and display functions such as flight time and count-up and count-down timers, as well as current pressure altitude.Together, these features represent a whole new standard in transponder utility.