Aera-795/796 Panel Dock
AirGizmos Panel Dock for aera 795/796 GPS
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Manufacturer: AIRGIZMOS
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The AirGizmos PD22 Panel Dock for the Garmin aera-795/796 follows in the tradition of their other products by holding the GPS securely in the panel, while allowing the GPS to be easily removed from the plane for flight planning or for use in a different plane.

By sculpting the top and bottom of the Panel Dock, AirGizmos was able to keep the overall dimensions to 6.25" wide by 8" tall. If you already have a GPSMAP- 696 Panel Dock installed, the new 796 Panel Dock is designed to fit in the same opening. The screw holes are in the same location as well so you will be able to easily upgrade. The PD-22 includes an actuator "button" for accessing the on/off switch that is located on top of the device. This allows you to turn the GPS on or off, or set the brightness, without removing the GPS from the panel. The 795/796 Panel Dock is designed to work with the existing GPSMAP-696 Angle Adapter.

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