AH502SD Central Warning Panel
Programmable Central Warning Panel with Micro SD
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Product Features

The AH502sd combines flight, engine and aircraft configuration data to generate voice and visual alerts.

The unit is programmed to warn off against switched, analogue and EFIS data inputs based on the switched state, value threshold or combinations of inputs to generate envelope alarms.

Envelope alerts could include oil pressure profiles, speed/ configuration envelopes, gear not down and oxygen alerts.

Data is gathered from directly connected switches and analogue inputs as well as being able to take flight and engine data from Electronic Flight Information Systems (EFIS) and Engine Monitors when available via serial buses.

Alerts are mapped to custom voice and/or sunlight readable and auto dimming captions with integration to a remote Master Caution, Master Warning and alert acknowledgement switch.

The front mounted SD card allows for easy adjustment of programming and voice files.


A configuration file defines the alerts by applying logic to defined states, threshold values or an envelope of flight, engine or aircraft configuration data. 

A basic implementation example may include Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature, Low Fuel, Alternator, Starter, Doors and Hatches, Gear unsafe, Voltage and Alternator alerts.  These basic alerts can all be generated using directly connected switched and analogue inputs.  A simple configuration file maps these to the illuminated captions and voice alerts and consolidates alerts into a Master Warning/ Caution switch.

More advanced alerts can be generated when flight and engine data is added through connection to an EFIS or engine monitor.  By combining aircraft configuration data with flight and engine data, Envelopes and Profile alerts can be generated.  Examples include recognizing that the landing gear should be down based on airspeed, rate of descent and Height AGL, that oil pressure is too low for the current RPM, that airspeed is outside of the envelope for the current aircraft configuration or that oxygen should be on above a specified altitude.

Careful thought has gone into human factors with auto mute on startup to keep the cockpit quiet when you turn on the master switch and adjustable damping on alert triggers to prevent transitory events causing unnecessary alarms.  If your EFIS data feed is off or faulty, the system generates a voice alert to let you know. 

The optional AH501 Master/Caution attention-getter / acknowledgement switch helps to draw the pilot’s attention to an anomaly, its switch turns unacknowledged captions to steady and mutes the audio.

Custom legends, voice alerts and basic configuration are all included.

The unit measures 10.8in(275mm) by 0.67n(17mm) and has a panel depth of 1.35in(34mm) as detailed in the Panel Drawing and Installation sheet.


       Programmable voice and visual alerts

       Switch state, threshold value, profile and envelope alerts

       Auto mute on start and alert damping prevent unnecessary warnings

       Full direct-sunlight readable display with automatic dimming

       Double-redundant high-MTBF LED arrays

       Integration of remote Master Caution/ Master Warning

       Press-to-Test operates all captions and audio

       High quality design and construction

       2 RS232 Interfaces to EFIS, engine monitors or AH504 expansion unit

       SD Card for ease of configuration and audio changes

       8 switched and 2 analogue inputs

       2-year warranty

In the Box

       AH502SD Central Warning Panel

       Installation kit

       Installation Manual

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