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Product Features

The Bose® Aviation Headset X marks a departure from conventional thinking. This headset is engineered differently, to work as a system that improves both noise reduction and comfort. Proprietary Bose TriPort headset technology is a breakthrough in active noise reduction and provides a number of additional enhancements.

  • Smaller more ergonomic battery control module (similar to the installed module).
  • Significant increase in battery life as a result of our new Adaptisense battery management technology. The new configuration will provide double the life of the previous 9-volt version providing up to 40 hours of operation and uses 2 AA batteries.
  • Improved smooth glide mic design with a significantly improved adjustment and precise placement capability. This same improvement has been incorporated into the installed versions.New 5-year warranty available on all models.
  • The smaller earcups make the headset lighter and less bulky, and the earcups are offset at 15° to enhance comfort and better fit the angle of your ears.
  • The more efficient electronics in the headset require fewer batteries, resulting in a smaller battery pack that fits easier in your pocket or on your belt.
  • Reduced headband force, combined with the textured softness of the ear cushion makes the Bose Aviation Headset X the lightest, most comfortable headset we've ever made.
  • Designed as a system, the electronics and earcups are engineered to work together. This results in smaller, lighter earcups and more effective attenuation.
  • A magnesium headband adds strength while reducing weight, and the unique torsion spring ensures a consistent, comfortable fit for large and small heads.
Bose® Aviation Headset X Panel-powered or Portable:
You can choose from two headset configurations. The portable version can operate for 40 hours, and its control module requires 2 AA batteries. The installed version conveniently works with the Bose installed interface.
Bose® Aviation Headset X Other Options:
Options include an electret or dynamic mic and straight or coiled cables. Also available are general aviation, helicopter (U-174) and NATO plug connections. In addition, the earcup connector allows you to conveniently switch the boom mic and cable to either earcup, and to use different cable configurations.

Bose® Aviation Headset X Specifications:


- Earphone Impedance: 160 ohms (on), 230 ohms (off) mono
- Frequency response: 15 Hz to 15 kHz
- Electret Microphone Required bias of 8 to 16 V through 220 ohms to 2200 ohms
- Dynamic Microphone Impedance: 5 ohms, similar to M-87/M-101
- Maximum Ambient Noise Level Approximate 110dB SPL
- Voltage Battery powered: 2 AA, Aircraft powered: 10 to 32 volts DC
- Current 25 mA typical
- Fuse/Breaker Recommended 1/4-amp fast blow (AGC 1/4 fuse) or 1/2-amp breaker
- Headset Weight 12 oz. (340 grams)
- Headset Size Range Breadth: 4.8" to 6.3" (12.2 to 16.0 cm) Height: 4.5" to 5.7" (11.4 to 14.5 cm)
- Temperature and Altitude (Category A) Operating Temperature: +5° to +131°F (-15° to +55°C) Storage
- Temperature: -67° to +158°F (-55° to +70°C)
- Altitude: 15,000 ft. maximum pressure altitude for full cancellation

Click here to download the Bose Aviation Headset X Owner's Guide

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