EGT/CHT Scanner with Fuel Flow/OAT/RPM

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Manufacturer: JP INSTRUMENTS
$2,955.00 to $3,809.00
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Product Features


The new EDM-800 Engine Monitor has the same outstanding performance and capabilities as the popular EDM-700 LX series monitors, but four digits have been added to the top of the display to allow it to constantly show RPM or Percent of Horsepower, plus Manifold Pressure, and Outside Air Temperature. During leaning, the EDM-800 will find the first and last cylinders to peak showing a history of how each cylinder went over peak EGT. System includes all EGT and CHT Probes, harness, fuel transducer, OAT Probe, memory module, RPM and MAP sensors. Specify A/C type, engine model and magneto model.

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