EDM-760 Twin

EGT/CHT Scanner Twin

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The EDM-760 will automatically find the first EGT to peak. The EDM-760 has the ability to display EGT, CHT, and voltage simultaneously plus optional TIT, OAT, and oil temps, all on one 3-1/8" instrument. Not to mention the fact that it monitors for shock cooling and has an RS-232 dataport. The EDM-760 now also has the fuel computer option available offering GPS/Loran interface as well as fuel flow for each engine, fuel remaining, total fuel used, and time to empty. The EDM-760 monitoring 29 channels of information with 14 columns of analog information.

All the enhancements found on the single engine EDM-700 are included in the Twin engine EDM-760, including:

  • Digital display of OAT, TIT, OIL, CARB, IDA, CDT, and EGT/CHT
  • Shock Cooling displayed in degrees per minute with alarms
  • Normalize Mode levels the bar graph display for instant identification of engine trends during cruise
  • Automatically finds first cylinder to peak on each engine

EDM-760 is shipped complete including everything necessary for installation. The package contains:

  • JPI Quick response EGT probes
  • Bayonet CHT probes w/wiring harness
  • insulating sleeves
  • Terminals w/mounting screws
  • Two year warranty on electronics
  • RS-232 Output port and one TIT function are included in system.

All EDM-760 systems come with data recording and provide long term trend monitoring to maintain ultimate engine health. Data Recording capability will record and store all displayed parameters and, at a later time, transfer the info to a palmtop or laptop PC. EDM-760 Data Recording contains a date and time clock. You may also program an aircraft ID, such as your aircraft registration number or your name that will appear in the output data file.