Cockpit Aviation Weather System for Garmin GNS-430/530
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From Pacific Coast Avionics the WSI INFLIGHT™ provides a continuous stream of airspace and weather information directly to the cockpit during flight via satellite. Co-developed with NASA, WSI InFlight’s data link and automatic update service keeps pilots aware of situations as they unfold, increasing flight decision confidence. Intuitive information displays designed specifically for aviation with high “glance-value” Flexible display options compatible with numerous hand-held, portable and panel-mounted avionic displays Reliable & accurate with 24 x 7 quality control monitoring by WSI staff meteorologists Award winning aviation weather continuously updated every 5 minutes via satellite broadcast Complete coverage in the air and on the ground anywhere in the continental U.S. and most of Canada WSI InFlight AV200 system (Certified to DO-160D) also comes with InFlight Receiver, software and Antenna. Affordable, flat-rate subscription plans make WSI InFlight a ‘must have’ for serious pilots.Co-developed with NASA, WSI InFlight™ is a patented system that provides a continuous stream of mission-critical weather information to your portable or panel-mounted display with complete coverage and content for the continental U.S. at any altitude. WSI InFlight™ TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS System: Satellite: Geosynchronous Satellite Connectors: Included Cabling: Not included Antenna: Manufactured By: Comant Profile: Low-Profile Teardrop Weight: 4.20 oz Height: 0.7 in Connector: TNC Certification: DO-160D Receiver: Dimensions: 1.49 in x 5.42 in x 8.47 in Weight: 1.5 lbs (excluding mounting tray and connectors) Power Requirement: 10.0 to 32 VDC, Low Power <4W Processing Rate: High-Speed Throughput System Connector: 25 Pin Connector, RS-232 & Power Operating Altitude: Up to 55,000 ft Antenna Connector: TNC Can be mounted inside or outside pressure vessel: -20° to +70°C, up to 55,000 ft Certification: DO-160D and DO-178B Manufactured by: SANDIA aerospace
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