Portable Satellite Weather Receiver - Certified System
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The portable revolution is all about freedom - the freedom to go anywhere you like while still having access to the tools you need. The freedom to be flexible in how you use those tools. It's a lifestyle that, when it comes to WxWorx, even applies miles above the ground.

WxWorx on Wingsr is a powerful in-flight software solution that delivers weather to your cockpit. With it, you'll reach new heights in weather awareness since you are able to precisely pinpoint and track storms, view METAR reports, monitor winds and more, all in a high-resolution display complete with airports and navigational aids.

WxWorx on Wings utilizes a continuous satellite broadcast from XM WX Satellite Weather, which has the support of the aviation industry's leading companies and was voted the 2005 Best Data-Link Option by Aviation Consumer. The result is complete, uninterrupted coverage over the continental United States and its coastal waters, regardless of altitude. WxWorx on Wings also updates automatically, rendering older systems that use request/reply obsolete.

  • Powerful In-Flight Aviation Weather
  • Continuous Satellite Broadcast Delivery
  • XM WX Satellite Weather Service
  • Portable In-Cockpit Display and Receiver
  • Extremely Easy to Use

Flexible hardware options ensure that you can use the system on any properly-equipped laptop or Tablet PC, with the added freedom to choose either a portable or FAA-certified data receiver, depending on your needs.

Optional GPS compatibility means that you can use WxWorx on Wings to track your location in relation to the weather. The staff at WxWorx knows how important this is- operational meteorologists founded the company and these same founders have years of aviation experience under their belts.

Our patented AutoTracr feature is a result of that expertise. When you approach significant weather, WxWorx on Wings can audibly alert you of your proximity. It's a powerful tool no one else can offer, and it's all built-in, exclusive to WxWorx on Wings.

Because it was created by pilots just like you, WxWorx on Wings offers a localized accuracy and enhanced ease of use you just can't find elsewhere. WxWorx is leading a revolution in the way essential weather data is used on the go. Take flight with WxWorx and discover what true freedom can be.

  • Access to the most comprehensive weather data suite available
  • Flexible software package that runs on a variety of computing devices
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface
  • Optional GPS operability
  • Exclusive and patented AutoTracr dangerous weather alerts
  • Weather route planning
  • Standard aviation navigation aids
  • VOR-DMEs
  • VORs
  • NDB-DMEs
  • NDBs
  • Airport Locations and Identification Codes
  • High and Low-Altitude Airways
  • Airspace
  • TFRs
  • Portable and aviation-certified receiver technology

WxWorx on Wings maximizes the entire comprehensive XM WX Satellite Weather data suite.