EDM-760 Twin Engine Monitor


EDM-760 Twin Engine Monitor

This is a special order item. Please allow 6-8 weeks for shipment. Please complete configuration worksheet here.


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Manufacturer: JP INSTRUMENTS

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  • Automatically indexing illuminated "dot" for digitally indicating cylinder information
  • A missing bar for indicating CHT trend information.
  • Step button for indexing digital information forward or backward, and stoppable in the automatic mode.
  • The TIT columns are in the center for quick comparison of both engines.
  • 14 distinguishable columns.
  • Digital display for accuracy and "long term trend monitoring."
  • The LF, or Lean Find mode automatically finds the first cylinder to peak.
  • Computer assisted diagnostics for troubleshooting entire system. 
  • In normalize mode the graphics resolution of each bar column is 10º F. 
  • One degree temperature resolution with selectable º C or º F. 
  • Supplied with JPI's well known, grounded and super reliable "fast response" probes.
  • Three year electronics warranty.
  • Made in California, USA. 
  • Fuel Flow now available!
  • By running your engine at peak performance levels, you will attain maximum efficiency! Maximum efficiency translates into a substantial savings in Fuel consumption and aircraft engine maintenance. For more detailed information on the EDM-760's unique operation and functions, please refer to the EDM-700 page, as they operate essentially in the same manner and have many of the same functions and options.

    JPI's EDM-760 TWIN allows pilots to have reliable information they can monitor for efficient and safe flying at their fingertips, just like all the instruments in the EDM series.

    However, now with the EDM 760 Twin, both engines can be running at optimum levels, thus protecting the engine from damage, and saving money in fuel and repairs--but above all, the EDM 760 gives pilot's the information they require for flying safely and knowing that they have the information needed to get where you want to go without any worries.


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