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Manufacturer: BENDIXKING

The 196B KY from Pacific Coast Avionics features nine programmable memory channels. The total storage capacity of eleven frequencies, including the "USE" and "STBY". This allows you to program in advance a range of frequencies that are often used by the pilot. Memory channels and "USE" and the frequency of "STBY" was held in nonvolatile memory. EEROM (electrically erasable read only memory)-units are used, so no batteries or external power is required to "remember" the hidden frequencies. Easy to read, gas discharge displays show the choices. 118.00MHz to 136.975MHz wide 196a to provide 760 COMM frequencies. Audio leveling feature, automatic amplification boosts weak signals and mutes the audio signal.

KY 196B Series from Pacific Coast Avionics uses a flat pack design that saves space, allowing it to fit perfectly into the console of the Silver Crown from the stack. The device measures 1.3 "x 6.3" and weighs only 2.8 pounds. The KY 196B 28 offers 16 watts minimum transmitter power. KY 196A unit features solid construction, with digital frequency synthesizer for generating all COMM frequencies. Despite its wide range of capabilities, the KY196B from Pacific Coast Avionics is designed to be easy to read and logical to operate. The KY 196A from Pacific Coast Avionics allows you to select the frequency of the previous days, while control of the frequency of current assets. After the frequency change is approved, a transfer switch button "flip-flops" the two frequencies.

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