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 The RAD-40 (TSO-C87) is a panel-mount digital display, compatible with the FreeFlight Systems RA-4000 and RA-4500 Radar Altimeters. This new display provides the pilot with a precise readout of the aircraft’s height above-ground-level on a bright LED readout. The RAD-40 includes a pilot-selectable Decision Height (DH) and five additional trip points (100-1000 ft.), all with discrete outputs designed to control an audible tone or interface to third party equipment. Activating the trip points provides alerts to the flight management system (FMS) or navigation management system if the aircraft descends through these altitudes -- an additional safety feature for the pilot.

In addition to the standard version, a Night Vision Goggle (NVG) compatible display is available. For certain installations, a display mounted in a round faceplate adapter is also offered as an option.
  • Panel-mount Radar Altimeter Display
  • Compatible with the FreeFlight Systems RA-4000 & RA-4500 Radar Altimeters
  • Provides critical AGL information
  • Bright LED
  • RS-422 Serial Interface
  • Rotary knob on front panel
  • Knob sets decision height (DH)
  • When the preset altitude is reached, a DH LED is illuminated and a DH discrete output is set
  • 5 trip-point discrete outputs (100-1000 ft) to signal additional alerts
  • Optional night vision goggle (NVG) compatible display
  • Round faceplate adapter for display
  • -0200 version fixes false trigger issue & updated software raised to DO-178B, Level C
ALTITUDE RANGE: -99 to 9999 ft (will show -20 to +2500 ft when used w/RA-4500) POWER REQUIREMENTS: 9 - 36 VDC; 450 mA @ 28 VDC
ENVIRONMENTAL: -4°F to +131°F; Alt: 50,000 ft DIMENSIONS: 1.39"H x 3.54"W x 4.62"L
WEIGHT (2): 0.38 lbs TYPE:  LED, yellow seven segment
UPDATE RATE: 2 times/sec DECISION HEIGHT SELECTION: 10-ft increments to 200 ft, 50-ft increments from 200 to 950 ft

Displays Dashes when altimeter is unlocked ("----")

SELF-TEST: Lights all "8's" for LEDs and activates the DH LED
DH ALERT: Internal DH LED and external discrete output TRIP POINT OUTPUTS: Five fixed trip points: 100, 150, 200, 500 & 1000 ft
ENVIRONMENTAL: DO-160F SOFTWARE: DO-178B, Level D (-0200 software versions: DO-178B, Level C)

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