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Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast, ADS-B, is the global replacement for radar based Air Traffic Control. Utilizing precise GPS positioning and a high integrity datalink, ADS-B is the core component of the NextGen Air Transportation System. By the end of 2019, essentially all aircraft that are equipped with transponders today will be required to equip with ADS-B.With the RANGR-XVR series, FreeFlight Systems provides an affordable light-weight ADS-B compliant solution for general aviation aircraft.  The RANGR-XVR systems are fully compliant ADS-B systems certified to TSO-154c, providing complete ADS-B “OUT” and “IN” capability, including the ability to receive free datalink weather. You can get Nexrad, METAR’s, AIRMET’s, SIGMET’s, PIREP’s and more, plus a complete traffic picture for enhanced safety-all with no subscription charges. The FDL-978XVR is designed to interface to compliant panel mount WAAS GPS systems, while FDL-978TXVR/G includes a built-in WAAS GPS receiver for those aircraft that are not equipped.

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