Used KCS-55A System


Used KCS-55A System

Used Flight Control System

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Manufacturer: BENDIXKING

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The remote-mounted KCS 55A Compass System from Pacific Coast Avionics is an affordable automatic slaving compass system that is full of usefull features. The KCS 55A Compass System immediately displays precise aircraft magnetic heading without having to manually set it in. With remote control electrical gyro, the KCS 55A avionic compass system features a KI 525A HSI, KG 102A Directional Gyro, KMT 112 Magnetic Slaving Transmitter, and also a Ka 51B Slaving Control Compensator device along with bootstrap heading synchro to be used with a Ki 229 RMI. The KCS 55A Compass System from Pacific Coast Avionics is the best choice for a remote-mounted compass system.

Features Include:

  • GPS/RNAV/VOR/Localizer deviation
  • TO/FROM, GPS/RNAV or VOR indicator
  • Selected heading
  • Slaved gyroscope magnetic heading
  • Chosen VOR/GPS/RNAV or even LOC course
  • Glideslope Deviation

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