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Manufacturer: ACK

The E-04C 121.5/406 MHz ELT by ACK is designed to be used by corporate and commercial aircraft and can receive GPS data from ARINC 429, Garmin Aviation, Bendix/King and NMEA 0183 data sources; the ELT meets TSO-C126b and TSO-C142a certifications. The GPS coordinates are retained in the unit even after power has been disconnected. The remote switch can also fit panel cut-outs designed for Artex and Kannad remote switches.

ELT Commercial Antenna Options

  • ELT System w/o Antenna 
  • ELT System w/250kt Whip Antenna
  • ELT System w/350kt Rod Antenna

Kit Includes:

  • 121.5/406 MHz ELT (E-04C)
  • Remote with vertical placard (E-04.5.1)
  • Remote horizontal placard (E-
  • Antenna (Part number may vary)
  • Coax cable 60 ft (E-04.10.4)
  • Warning horn (E-
  • Mounting tray (E-04.4)
  • Retaining strap front (E-04.4.1)
  • Retaining strap battery case (E-04.4.2)
  • 2 pin plug kit (E-
  • 8 pin circular plug kit (E-
  • 15 pin plug kit (E-
  • Switch cover (E-04.11.1)
  • Installation/Operation manual (E-04CM)
  • Antenna drill template

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