Garmin GDL 50

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Garmin GDL 50

A successor to Garmin GDL 39 3D, the Garmin GDL 50 combines dual-link ADS-B traffic, a wide range of Flight Information Service-Broadcast (FIS-B) weather products, GPS and backup aircraft attitude information that displays via Bluetooth® wireless technology on iPAD and Android devices, as well as other Garmin portable GPS products such as Aera-660, Aera-795 or the Aera-796.

Garmin GDL 50 ADS B Receiver

FIS-B weather products received by GDL 50 include:

  • NEXRAD imagery
  • TAFs
  • wind, and temperatures aloft
  • PIREPs
  • NOTAMs

Additionally, pilots also have access to the most recent data as GDL 50 continually downloads traffic and weather information in the background — even while the display device is sleeping.

Dual Link Technology

In addition to comprehensive weather data, pilots utilizing GDL 50 can receive ADS-B traffic information and audible alerts to easily identify potential traffic conflicts while in-flight. Dual-link technology allows the GDL 50 to receive ADS-B “In” traffic on both 978 MHz and 1090 MHz frequencies, offering the most complete traffic picture and superior situational awareness.

For aircraft that are properly equipped to meet ADS-B “Out” with a certified solution, the portable GDL 50 ADS-B “In” receiver provides an even better traffic picture by also receiving TIS-B traffic data from ground stations. 

Traffic and Weather, Moving Map, and TargetTrend

Exclusive to Garmin ADS-B receivers, the patented TargetTrend™ technology provides a more intuitive method of judging traffic trajectories and closure rates, particularly in airspace with high volumes of traffic. So, pilots can more easily discern traffic targets that pose the greatest threat.

TerminalTraffic™ technology displays a comprehensive picture of ADS-B-equipped aircraft and ground vehicles throughout the airport environment on the moving map and SafeTaxi® airport diagram. ADS-B traffic can be overlaid on the dedicated traffic page, the moving map, and IFR/VFR charts on compatible devices.

GDL 50 Garmin GPS Battery Life

Boasting superior battery life, a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery allows GDL 50 to receive ADS-B traffic, FIS-B weather, GPS, and backup aircraft attitude information for up to 8 hours on a single charge. On applicable devices, backup attitude information can be displayed within the SVX™ synthetic vision feature or the aircraft panel pages for use in VFR conditions.

Capable of wirelessly streaming data to two devices and making hardwired connections to two additional devices simultaneously, GDL 50 Garmin GPS offers quick and convenient access to essential information throughout the cockpit.

Garmin GDL 50 GPS For Sale From A Certified Avionics Dealer and Repairer

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  • Receive subscription-free animated U.S. datalink weather via ADS-B “In”
  • ADS-B dual-band traffic with TargetTrend and TerminalTraffic technology³
  • Wireless connectivity for display on select mobile device apps and Garmin portables
  • Compact device with rechargeable battery; designed to sit on aircraft glareshield
  • Provides GPS position data, backup attitude and more
  • GDL 50/51/52 Series Now Compatible with ForeFlight

  • DISPLAY: ForeFlight Mobile
  • ADS-B Traffic & Weather (GDL 50/52 only): Yes
  • SiriusXM Weather & Audio Control (GDL 51/52 only): Weather only
  • Connection: Bluetooth® wireless technology
  • TargetTrend™ Capable (GDL 50/52 only): No
  • GPS & Attitude Information: Yes

In the box

  • GDL 50 portable receiver
  • Suction cup for cable placement
  • Mounting bracket
  • Trial subscription to Garmin Pilot™ app
  • Vehicle power cable
  • Documentation


  • Unit dimensions, WxHxD: 4.9" x 1.3" x 3.4" (12.44 x 3.30 x 8.64 cm)
  • Weight: 0.75 lbs (0.34 kg)
  • Anti-slip mat (bottom of unit only)


  • Operating temperature: -20°C to +60°C (-4°F to 140°F)
  • Operating altitude: To 55,000 ft
  • Nominal operating velocity range: 0 – 800 kts (411 m/s)
  • Power input: 10 to 32 VDC, 3.5 W max.
  • Battery type: Lithium-ion rechargeable (built-in)
  • Charge temperature: Unit may not charge at extreme temperatures below 0° C (32° F) or above 32° C (90° F)
  • Typical battery operating time: 8 hours


  • 18-pin power and data connector
  • microUSB
  • ADS-B MCX antenna port
  • GPS MCX antenna port
  • Wireless Connext™ (Bluetooth®)

The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

GDL 50 can simultaneously support up to: 2 wireless display devices and 2 wired display devices.


ADS-B Traffic & Weather
(GDL 50/52 only)

SiriusXM® Weather & Audio Control
(GDL 51/52 only)


TargetTrend™ Capable
(GDL 50/52 only)

GPS & Attitude Information

Garmin Pilot App Yes Yes Bluetooth® Yes Yes
G3X Touch™
Flight Displays
Yes Yes Bluetooth® or Cable Yes N/A
aera 796/795 Yes Yes Bluetooth® or Cable Yes Attitude Only (aera 796/795 will use internal GPS)
aera 760 Yes Yes Bluetooth® Yes Attitude Only (aera 760 will use internal GPS)
aera 660 Yes Yes Bluetooth® or Cable Yes Attitude Only (aera 660 will use internal GPS)
FltPlan Go Yes No Bluetooth® No Yes
ForeFlight Mobile Yes Weather Only Bluetooth® No Yes
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