NAV/COMs, Transponders, EFIS,
ELTs, Altimeters and More!

A pilot is only as good as his instruments and, therefore, must have a highly efficient and effective instrument panel. One requirement of such a panel is the purchase of a quality EFIS-Glass Cockpit. The varieties of EFIS-Glass Cockpits, sold by Pacific Coast Avionics, come with many evident benefits to each owner. We understand the desired features of your Glass Cockpit purchase. Each make and model offers:

  • More space due to smaller designs
  • Less weight due to streamlined compact designs
  • Easy installation due to highly integrated systems
  • Enhanced reliability to due solid state designs
  • Ergonomically arranged flight data for optimized functionality
  • Increased usability due to a larger number of included instruments
  • Included sensors to eliminate installation problems

These are only some of the many benefits your quality EFIS-Glass cockpit purchase will include. Don’t forget the Pacific Coast Avionics lowest price guaranteed. We guarantee you will pay the lowest price on the market when making your purchase with us today.

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