Gulf Coast Avionics sponsors, supports and distributes products and services for the following organizations:


ACK Technologies, Inc. has produced over 185,000 appliances under TSO C-88a, TSO C-91a, TSO C-126 and TSO C-142a.

ACR Electronics is the leading development center for emergency beacons that are designed with one purpose in mind: Saving Lives.

Advanced Aircraft Electronics offers antennas for your aircraft that will surpass all other antennas.

Advanced Flight Systems manufactures the ACS 2002 Engine Monitoring Systems.

AeroLEDs was formed in 2005 with the intent to redefine aviation lighting as it existed for the last 50 years.

Aerotect provides quality service and products to protect the integrity of your aircrafts finish.

Aerox is the specialist in aviation oxygen systems and accessories.

Airgizmos, manufacturer of aircraft mounts for portable GPS units.

Airpath Instrument Co., handcrafted compasses that are used in more aircraft than any other manufacturer.

Alcor Aviation is the oldest manufacturer of Exhaust Gas Temperature indicators and thermocouples for piston aircraft.

Aloft Technologies is committed to the latest advancement in communication technology.

Appareo, an industry leader in the custom development and manufacture of low-cost innovative avionic solutions.

Artex Aircraft Supplies manufactures a wide array of ELTs (Emergency Locator Transmitters) for General, Corporate, Military, and Commercial Aviation.

ASA, Aviation Supplies & Academics, is the leading publisher of flight training, maintenance training, and FAA test preparation materials, and the leading producer of pilot training supplies, software, pilot training manuals, and aviation reference publications.

Aspen Avionics specializes in bringing the most advanced technology and capability from the commercial and business aviation markets into general aviation cockpits—and budgets.

Astron manufactures power supplies.

Avionics Innovations designs and manufactures a complete line of audio entertainment systems for general aviation aircraft.

Becker Avionics is a manufacturer of avionics, SAR and ATC equipment.

BendixKing, a division of Honeywell, has been manufacturing aviation products since 1929.

Bose® built its reputation creating high-performing audio products.

Brightline Bags produces a small flight bag with lots of storage.

Castleberry Instruments and Avionics is an Austin, Texas manufacturer and repair facility of quality aircraft flight instruments and electronic components for the General Aviation and Corporate Aircraft industry.

Century Flight Systems manufactures autopilots for certified aircraft.

CO Gaurdian focuses on protecting and warning people about potential hazards, ranging from carbon monoxide in aircraft and recreational vehicles to various other threats, and developing solutions to efficiently combat these issues.

Comant manufactures antennas for general aviation.

DAC International, Inc. is an avionics sales and distribution company that specializes in the sale and distribution of sophisticated avionics products, systems and test equipment to the world's airlines, corporate aircraft, modification centers, aircraft manufacturers, special mission, and military markets.

David Clark is a designer and manufacturer of aerospace communications systems and hearing protection.

Davtron is a leading producer of digital avionics.

Dual, creator of the XGPS150 Universal Bluetooth GPS receiver.

Dynon Avionics - Dynon is committed to providing reliable, high quality instruments to pilots in a cost-sensitive market. Innovative Avionics for Experimental Aircraft

Electronics International manufactures various STC'd and PMA'd high quality engine instruments.

Emergency Beacon Corporation is devoted to the design, manufacture, sales and repair of avionics used in Search and Rescue.

Emerging Lifesaving Technologies produces the aviation industry's most durable and capable 406 emergency locator transmitter.

Falcon Gauge, a division of Wultrad Inc., has a extensive line of aircraft instrument products.

Flightcom manufactures headsets and intercoms for pilots.

Flight Display Systems - manufacturer of electronic equipment for aircraft such as moving maps, entertainment systems, etc.

Fly Boys, for pilots who demand the best gear to go with their high performance jets.

FreeFlight Systems, an international supplier of professional grade avionics system solutions for commercial and military aircraft.

Garmin offers a full line of industry-leading handheld and panel-mount avionics in a wide range of VFR and IFR choices.

Gleim produces self-study pilot training systems.

GoGo , a global series that examines travelers’ inflight habits, behaviors and preferences.

Horizon Instruments manufactures modular electronic indicators providing today's pilot with high-visibilty, accurate and reliable indication of their powerplant and electrical systems.

Icom America is the world's quality manufacturer of avionic, land, and mobile radios.

Insight manufactures Strike Finder digital weather avoidance for aircraft.

J.P. Instruments is the leader in aircraft engine data management systems.

Jeppesen offers a complete selection of flight information and flight planning services, aviation weather services, maintenance information and pilot training systems.

KANNAD specialises in the design of positionning, measuring and data transmission systems in hostile environments.

Kelly Manufacturing, manufacturer of R.C. Allen Instruments.

L3 Harriss is a leading supplier of high quality, proprietary avionics products.

LamarTechnologies quality products are well known in the general aviation industry and are installed on over forty percent of existing single and twin engine piston aircraft.

LightSPEED manufactures comfortable, top performing, affordable Active Noise Reduction (ANR) headsets.

Lone Star Aviation designs and manufactures safe, quality aircraft electronic parts including GPS docking stations, cooling fans and accessories.

Mid-Continent Instruments operates one of the worlds largest instrument overhaul/exchange programs.

Mitchell Aircraft Products offers tachometers and instruments.

Monroy Aerospace Corp. manufactures the ATD-300 Traffic-Watch and ATD-200 collision avoidance systems.

 Oregon Aero designs and manufactures more than 500 products for aviation and other industries that prevent and eliminate pain, improve impact protection and reduce noise.

Plantronics pioneered the lightweight headset, the mobile headset, noise-canceling technology and the personal speakerphone, always driven by a single obsession: remove the barriers to simply smarter communications.

Precision Aviation, Inc. manfactures the PAI-700 Vertical Card Magnetic Compass.

PS Engineering is a leading manufacturer of general aviation intercoms and audio control systems.

RA Miller manufactures antennas for general aviation.

Rapco, Inc. is a manufacturer of FAA-PMA replacement aircraft parts for general aviation aircraft including brake, pneumatic, de-ice, & exhaust system parts.

Ray Allen Company, seller of avionics.

Red Canoe creates unique quality apparel. Tough, comfortable outdoor clothing built to be worn.

Revere Survival Products, manufacturer of Survival Equipment Since 1936.

Robotic Skies is a worldwide network of over 100 air agency-approved repair stations that have the aviation expertise and factory training to provide the inspections and maintenance that ensure the mission readiness of your unmanned aircraft system.

Sandel Avionics designs, manufactures and markets advanced avionics displays that fill specific requirements set by both the FAA and the needs of pilots and customers.

Sandia Aerospace manufactures Altitude Blind Encoders and accessories.

Shadin designs and manufactures a variety of digital fuel and altitude management systems, airdata computers, fuel flow data converters, engine trend monitors and custom instrumentation.

Sigma-Tek is a manufacturer of reliable, high quality aircraft instruments, avionics and accessories.

Sigtronics, inventors of the voice activated intercom, offers American-made products for aviation communications.

SIRS Navigation Ltd. have been designing, manufacturing and repairing Magnetic Compasses, Azimuth Circles, Sextants and other Navigation Instruments for over 30 years.

SPOT, creates satellite communication devices that work in tandem with smartphones and other devices.

S-TEC/Genesys Aerosystems is the aviation industry's leader in autopilots.

TruTrak Flight Systems manufactures autopilots for experimental aircraft.

Telex manufactures pilot communication products covering everything required for pilot communications, including headsets, headphones, microphones and intercoms.

TIET manufacturers and designs cool and innovation products for the iPad.

TKM, Inc. provides reliable, reasonably priced avionics and test equipment.

Trans-Cal Industries manufactures altitude recording devices.

TRIG develops innovative avionics products for general aviation.

Trintec Industries Inc. is a manufacturer of unique aviation inspired clocks and watches.

Trio Avionics designs and manufactures autopilot products engineered for outstanding performance, while keeping them attractively priced for the Experimental, LSA and Warbird aircraft market.

United Medical & Aircraft (UMA) has been manufacturing quality, US made aircraft instruments for over 25 years.

Universal Avionics is the leading manufacturer of innovative avionics systems for business jets, turboprop aircraft, transport aircraft, helicopters, regional and commercial airliners used by corporate, military and airline operators.

VAL Avionics excels in providing quality products, handcrafted by Oregon craftsmen, using parts from U.S. manufacturers whenever possible.

WxWorx is the leading force in mobile weather analysis and has developed powerful, innovative technologies for aviation, marine and ground-based applications.

Yaesu manufactures handheld transceivers for aviation consumers.


Aircraft Electronics Association represents FAA Part 145 certified repair stations and most manufacturers of general aviation equipment and airframes.

Aircraft Owner & Pilots Association is the largest, most influential aviation association in the world, providing member services that range from representation at the federal, state, and local levels to legal services, advice, and other assistance.

Experimental Aircraft Association is a growing and diverse organization of members with a wide range of aviation interests and backgrounds offering the opportunity to make new aviation friends and form relationships while encouraging the sharing of information, stories and enthusiasm.


Busch Gardens Adventure Park, Tampa Bay.

Fantasy of Flight, Polk City.

Florida Air Museum, Lakeland.

Lakeland Linder International Airport, equipped with 8,500 feet of runway, is located in central Florida between Orlando and Tampa.

SeaWorld, Orlando.

Universal Studios, Orlando.

Walt Disney World, Orlando.


Air Journey - all inclusive and guided journeys by a world experienced Pilot/Journey Director

Easy AirJourney - For almost 10 years, Air Journey has been making pilot’s lives easier by organizing and leading journeys, literally, around the world.

Bahamas & Caribbean Pilots' Guide - The "bible" for island flying for over 30 years, pilots rely on the Bahamas & Caribbean Pilot's Guide each year for all the information they need in one convenient place.

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