tailBeacon ADS-B/WAAS GPS/Encoder Tail Position Light

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tailBeacon ADS-B/WAAS GPS/Encoder Tail Position Light

TailBeacon is designed to be a direct replacement for the common navigation light or nav/strobe found on the tail of most aircraft,  and will meet the 2020 ADS-B requirements when paired with an operational Mode C transponder.  TailBeacon is a Class B1S UAT transmitter and WAAS GPS integrated into a tail position light.  This unit comes in an experimental version, with a TSO'd version to follow in early summer 2019.

TailBeacon has the form factor and installation characteristics of a traditional Grimes style rear position light,  referred to as a Grimes model S or A-2064. The tailBeacon will work with any Mode C transponder.  Due to the unique design and technology of the tailBeacon, there is no need to run any new wiring to the transponder. Installation is fast and easy.·


  • UAT Transmitter
    Meets the performance requirements of TSO154c Class B1S. RTCA DO-282B Class B1S

    Position Light
    Meets performance requirements of TSOC30c Type III

    Integrated RAIM processor for Security and Integrity protection
    SBAS corrections and health messages used to detect and correct satellite range errors
    Satellite pseudo range step errors detectedand excluded
    SBAS fast and long-term corrections applied

    Power Transcoder
    Decodes altitude and squawk via aircraft electrical system

    Certified via approved model list (AML) for STC'd installation on hundreds of aircraft makes and models
    Patents Pending

    ADS-B Out: §91.225, §91.227, AC 20-165B
    GNSS Position: AC 20-165B
    Position Light: SAE/AS8037


Input Voltage: 11-31v DC

Operating Power: 3 Watts

Size: 92x43x73 mm

Weight: 70 grams

SDA/SIL: 2/3

Operating Temp: -45 to 80°C

Color: Aviation White

Intensity: 40 candelas

Physical Wifi Configuration: 802.11 b/g/n

App Compatibility: iOS, Android

Decodes Mode A, C,  via DC light

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