BendixKing KT-74 Transponder

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BendixKing KT-74 Transponder

The BendixKing KT-74 Transponder will be the next transponder on your "to-get" list. Matched to the style of a new generation of BendixKing avionics, the KT-74 offers an intuitive user interface.

Airspace is changing, and so is the technology needed to optimize the accuracy and situational awareness within this airspace. Regardless of how things change, the BendixKing commitment to meeting the needs of the pilot and a legacy of creating affordable optimized avionic solutions will continue into the future. 

The KT 74 not only meets the global mandates for Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) Out*, but as a plug and play, a slide-in replacement for the popular BendixKing KT 76A/C and KT 78A transponders provides a simple and economical upgrade path for ADS-B and more.

Additional BendixKing KT-74 Benefits:
 Push-button operation
 New sleek design
 Most affordable Mode S Transponder with ADS-B Out
 Low power consumption
 Stopwatch and timer
 Altitude monitor
 Built-in altitude repeater instead of a second altitude encoder
 TIS-A Traffic output

King Mode S Transponder

Pilots can simply enter the assigned squawk code into the unit with the push of four buttons, while VFR and emergency squawk codes can be directly entered with the touch of one button.  Flight ID is also supported.

BendixKing kt 74 ADS-B Mode S Transponder Compliance

With plug-and-play compatibility with the KT-76A/C and KT-78A model transponders, this is the easiest way to meet ADS-B compliance (when coupled to an appropriate GPS source).

See our list of recommended compatible GPS units for KT-74:

  • Garmin 430
  • Garmin 530W
  • Garmin GTN 650 / 750.

KT 74 Transponder Installation

Pacific Coast Avionics is a leader in avionics sales and installation across the world. Our team of experienced technicians can help you find the right instruments, suggest panel layouts, or navigate options for the best flight experience possible.

Questions about KT-74 sales, compatibility, or install time? Speak with an expert toll-free at 800-353-0370 today!


KT-74 Advantage

  • Retrofit - "plug and play' installation

  • Low-cost solution that will offset future costs

  • Low power consumption

  • ETSO and TSO approved Mode S

  • Accurate readings with updates every few seconds

  • More efficient routing and better situational awareness

  • Meets ADS-B 2020 requirements*


Physical Description

  • 1.7in (43mm) x 6.3in (160mm) x 10.7in (272mm)
  • 3 lbs (1.35 kg)
  • Operating Temperature: -25 C to +70 C
  • 11 - 33 V
  • Typical Current Consumption (at 14V) Idle: 0.22 A, Active: 0.45 A
  • Nominal Transmitter Power: 240 W at connector


  • Class 1 Mode S Level 2 els
  • TSO C112D, C166B and ETSO C112C, C166B
  • DO-160G, DO-181E, DO-260B Class B1S, DO-178B Level B, DO-254 Level C
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