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Fly confidently with our rugged, reliable, purpose-built GPS that includes our latest in-flight features, including IFR approaches, arrivals and departures, plus our familiar touchscreen interface. Garmin 760 portable GPS is superior for its reliable and advanced navigator. 


Bright days are no problem — vivid, sunlight-readable touchscreen display.

Make IFR flying easier by adding airways and IFR approaches, arrivals, departures and more to your route.

Be aware down low. See obstructions and wires with our WireAware™ wire-strike avoidance technology.

Weather and traffic? Check, and check. Just pair with a GTX™ 345 transponder or GDL® 52 series datalink.

Wireless Internet weather and automatic data downloads.

Get up to 4 hours of battery life on each charge.

 Garmin 760 Portable GPS Features

The new Garmin 760 is the latest in Garmin’s long line of successful portable GPS, and is the most advanced yet. The sunlight-readable 7” touchscreen display is twice as bright as many tablets, with portrait and landscape display options and intuitive pinch zooming. The Aera 760 lets you prep your flight with wireless internet weather and automatic data downloads, while making VFR and IFR navigation easy with georeferenced sectionals and IFR charts. For IFR planning and flying, you can add airways and IFR approaches, arrivals, and departures to your route. 

GPS Garmin 760 Compatibility and Pairing

Wirelessly pair aera 760 with GDL-50 or GTX-345 to display traffic targets and subscription free weather data, or Sirius/XM weather and entertainment is available with GDL-51/52 (subscription required). Garmin’s patented TargetTrend tracking provides target direction of flight and closure rates-so you can identify the greatest traffic threat. Garmin 3D-Vision gives you a behind-the-aircraft view of surrounding terrain, obstacles, and airports.

Garmin 760 fulfills the role of an electronic flight bag (EFB) with georeferenced approach charts, pdf viewer, E6b computer, weight and balance calculator, logbook, and more.  Aera 760 can run up to 4 hours on a charge on the internal battery, or you can easily power in flight with the included USB cable.


BRIGHT SCREEN- The large, sunlight-readable 7” touchscreen display is twice as bright as many tablets, with portrait and landscape display options and intuitive pinch to zoom and panning.

DYNAMIC MAPS- Quickly and reliably acquire GPS and GLONASS satellite constellations to display rich, interactive, dynamically drawn and customizable aviation maps.

FLIGHT PLANS- Creating flight plans is easy. Enter a starting waypoint and destination, then insert segments — including airways, as well as IFR departures, arrivals and approaches.

DIRECT-TO NAVIGATION- A Direct-to key on the screen lets you quickly enter a direct course for any selected waypoint. A menu of nearest airports and flight plan waypoints makes for easy entry.

MAP TOPOGRAPHY- View ground references — including airports, cities, terrain, obstacles and more — on the dynamic map display to easily determine your position on VFR flights.

VFR SECTIONAL CHARTS- View georeferenced VFR sectional charts for the U.S., Canada and Europe.

IFR ENROUTE CHARTS- Use IFR map mode to display and navigate on high or low enroute airways. Touch to view Minimum Enroute Altitudes and distances between intersections.

COMM CONNECTION- With an optional power/data cable, you can find and upload frequencies to select radios, including GTR 200 Comm, GTR 225 Comm, GNC 255 NAV/COMM radios and more.

COCKPIT INTEGRATION- Interface aera 760 with the G3X or GFC™ 500 for coupled lateral and VFR vertical guidance, and upload or download flight plans wirelessly to select navigators.

ADS-B DATALINKS- With available Garmin ADS-B “In” equipage solutions, aera 760 displays ADS-B traffic targets as well as subscription-free U.S. weather data — either wirelessly or with an optional power/data cable.

TARGETTREND™ TRACKING- Patented TargetTrend relative motion tracking on the aera 760 gives pilots a faster, more intuitive way to judge traffic closure rates and trajectories — so you can identify the greatest threat.

TERMINALTRAFFIC™ DISPLAY- Providing a dynamic display of ADS-B-equipped aircraft and ground vehicles, this technology helps pilots avoid traffic conflicts within the airport environment.

SIRIUSXM® SERVICE- When paired with an optional GDL® 51 or GDL 52 datalink receiver, aera 760 can incorporate SiriusXM satellite weather coverage — plus audio entertainment features.

SAFETAXI® DATABASE- Upon landing, georeferenced SafeTaxi diagrams on aera 760 automatically help track your location on hundreds of airports and even identify published hot spots.

SMART AIRSPACE™- Patented Garmin Smart Airspace guidance highlights the airspace nearest your current altitude so you can quickly identify your location relative to the airspace around you.

3D VISION- 3D Vision technology gives you a virtual 3D behind-the-aircraft perspective view of surrounding terrain, obstacles and airports, as well as traffic (when equipped with ADS-B “In”).

SYNTHETIC VISION- View Synthetic Vision (SVX™) by panel-mounting your aera 760 and using its built-in AHRS, or by connecting it to another device with an AHRS, such as a GDL 52 series datalink.

TERRAIN ALERTING- See your position above terrain and obstacles on the map and profile view. Obstacles within 1,000 feet (or a pilot-customizable height) are highlighted yellow, while obstacles within 100 feet are highlighted red.

WIREAWARE™- Garmin WireAware wire-strike avoidance technology graphically overlays Hazardous Obstacle Transmission (HOT) lines that span rivers and canyons right on the moving map.

STREET INTERSECTIONS- Optional maps allow pilots to enter street intersections and other non-aviation waypoints for easy navigation.

ELECTRONIC FLIGHT BAG- The aera 760 fulfills the role of an electronic flight bag, with georeferenced charts, pdf viewer, E6B computer, weight-and-balance calculator, logbook and more.

WI-FI® UPDATES- View Internet weather on the ground for pre-flight planning, and update databases at home via Wi-Fi. Plus, stay current throughout the year with a single annual subscription that includes all the databases you need.

FUEL PRICES- Fuel price data can be overlaid on the map for at-a-glance awareness of the prices in an area — or viewed on the airport directory page.

AIRPORT INFORMATION- Touch an airport symbol on the map to view its airport information page, and see runways, frequencies, NOTAMs, FBOs and more.

BATTERY LIFE- Get up to 4 hours of flight time on each charge, or easily power it in-flight with a USB-C cable.

DEDICATED PARTNER- aera 760 combines many of the capabilities of panel-mounted avionics with a value-packed, purpose-built package. It’s ready to fly, right out of the box.


Whats in the box

  • aera 760
  • Mount cradle with CLA power cable
  • USB-C 27W AC adapter
  • USB-C to USB-C cable
  • USB-C to USB-A cable
  • Quick start manual and related documentation

Physical & Performance

  • DIMENSIONS: 7.29”W x 4.85”H x 0.91”D (18.5 x 12.3x 2.3 cm) DISPLAY RESOLUTION:  WxH: 480 x 800; portrait and landscape orientation
    DISPLAY SIZE:  7" diag (17.8 cm) DISPLAY TYPE: touchscreen WVGA color TFT with white backlight
    WEIGHT: 19.8 oz (561 g) BATTERY:  Rechargeable lithium-ion
    SBAS/WAAS/GLONASS RECEIVER:  high-sensitivity with WAAS position accuracy BATTERY LIFE: Up to 4 hours during most daytime conditions, (80% backlight)

This device is not approved for primary IFR navigation.

Compatible Interfaces

  • Send and Receive Flight Plan Data
  • GTN 650Xi/750Xi
  • GTN 650/750
  • GPS 175
  • Transfer Frequencies and Airport Identifiers
  • SL 30 / 40
  • GTR 225
  • GNC 255
  • GTR 200
  • Couple to Select Autopilots for VFR Navigation
  • Fly lateral GPS
  • Single Point Vertical Navigation (VNAV) Guidance
  • Receive AHRS Information
  • GTX 345 Transponder
  • GNX 375 Transponder/Navigator
  • GDL 50 Series
  • GDL 39 3D
  • ADS-B Traffic Information
  • GTX 345 Transponder
  • GNX 375 Navigator/Transponder
  • GDL 50 and GDL 52 Datalink
  • GDL 39 Series Datalink
  • FIS-B Sources
  • GDL 50 or GDL 52 Datalink Receiver (GGDL 51 or 52 provide SiriusXM Satellite Weather)
  • GDL 39 Series Datalink
  • GTX 345 Transponder
  • GNX 375 Navigator/Transponder
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