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All-inclusive 1090 MHz ADS-B “Out” Transponder Solution

  •    Satisfies NextGen equipage requirements for ADS-B “Out”

  •    1090 MHz output enables aircraft to operate at any altitude, in airspace around the globe

  •   Combines Mode S Extended Squitter (ES) transponder and optional WAAS/GPS position source in a single unit

  •     Useful display features include flight time, count-up and count-down timers, plus current pressure altitude readout

  •   Easy replacement for your existing transponder, with common 1.65-inch tall form factor



For aircraft operators looking to satisfy the ADS-B “Out” equipage rules as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, the Garmin GTX 335 ES transponder offers the ideal one-box, one-swap solution. It’s optionally available with a built-in WAAS GPS position source – so everything needed to meet compliance standards for a certified ADS-B “Out” solution can be provided with this simple all-in-one package installation.

The Inside Track to ADS-B “Out”

With more fielded ADS-B solutions than any other brand in the industry, Garmin is committed to making the transition to NextGen airspace as simple and straightforward as possible. The IFR-certified GTX 335 is a prime example. It looks and operates like a standard Mode S transponder. It fits in the same 1.65-inch high slot in your avionics stack. It boasts a digital display, a pressure altitude readout, and dedicated pushbuttons numbered 0-9 for quick and easy squawk code entry. Plus, it’s an all solid-state design, which makes for lower power consumption and enhanced reliability, compared to earlier-generation transponder technology. What’s more, the addition of 1090 MHz ADS-B “Out” transmission capability (using precise GPS-referenced positioning information) enables the GTX 335 to automatically output more accurate, and more useful, traffic surveillance data to ATC – including aircraft flight ID, position, altitude, velocity, climb/descent, and heading information. Conventional Mode S and Mode C transponders can only broadcast altitude and squawk code – which means they require ground-based radar to correlate and identify the aircraft’s position on the controller’s radar screen.

Enhanced Traffic Surveillance

Using1090 MHz extended squitter ADS-B “Out” transmission, the Garmin GTX 335 improves upon the existing transponder query system while working seamlessly with existing ATC protocols. The ADS-B reports provide ground controllers with considerably faster updates than traditional radar. And by simultaneously broadcasting this information to ADS-B “In” display-equipped pilots, it enables them to essentially see the same traffic picture for their location that ATC is watching on the ground.

Leverage Your Existing Avionics

Designed to interface with a wide range of avionics, the GTX 335 enables operators to leverage their existing cockpit equipment to meet ADS-B “Out” requirements with a minimum of cost, downtime and disruption to their panels. The ES transponder’s 1090 MHz ADS-B “Out” signal meets worldwide requirements for flight at any altitude. And, as a size-conforming replacement for many existing Mode S or Mode C transponders, the GTX 335 makes it easy to plug in the NextGen capability you need to the avionics layout you already have. For even more flexibility, optional remote mount GTX versions are available for compatibility with the GTN™ 750/650 series of touchscreen GPS/Comm/Nav systems, as well as select Garmin G1000® integrated flight deck systems – all of which provide built-in remote transponder code selection and control.

An Easier Path to NextGen

For decades Garmin has led in the development and deployment of ADS-B technology. Today, the Garmin GTX 335 series is being FAA approved for installation on hundreds of today’s most popular aircraft makes and models. It’s clear that with the all-in-one GTX 335 solution, Garmin is working to make your transition to ADS-B operations a simple matter of swapping out your transponder.



  • GTX 335 w/GPS

  • GA 35 GPS/WAAS antenna

  • Installation kit (Rack, Backplate, Connector kit)

  • Pilot's guide

  • STC Product Registration

  • K10-00276-05 Option includes: GAE 12 encoder


Transponder Features   

  • Solid state transmitter (more efficient, longer life) Yes

  • Aural alerts: Yes

  • Total Air Temperature (TAT): Yes

  • Pressure altitude readout: Yes

  • Altitude monitor function: Yes

  • Density altitude readout: Yes

  • Built-in timers: Yes

  • Automatic ALT/GND mode: Yes

  • 1090 MHz ADS-B Out: Yes

  • Built in GPS/WAAS receiver: Optional

  • Displays on G500/G600, GTN 650/750, GNS 430W/530W, and others: Yes

  • Pressure altitude encoder module (mounts to connector backplate): Optional

  • Night vision compatible: Optional


Physical & Performance

  • Physical dimensions (unit, rack, connectors); for panel mounts, depth is measured from face of instrument panel: 1.68” x 6.30” x 10.07” (42 x 160 x 256 mm)

  • Display type: Digital

  • Weight (unit, rack, connectors)  2.8/2.9 lbs (1.27/1.32 kg)

  • Voltage range: 14/28 VDC (15/17 W Max)

  • Transmit power: 200 W minimum

  • Temperature: -40° C to +70° C

  • Operating altitude: To 55,000 ft (16,800 m)

  • Cooling input: Not required

  • Environmental compliance (TSO Approved): DO-160G

  • Software compliance (TSO Approved): DO-178 Levels B, C, D

  • Hardware compliance (TSO Approved): DO-254 Level C; TSO compliance (Approved): "TSO-C88b (w/opt. alt. encoder); TSO-C112e (Class 1, Level 2els); TSO-C166b (Class B1S)"

  • Mount type: Panel

  • Transponder type: Mode A/C, S and ES

  • Squawk code selection: Push-button

  • Traffic Information Services (TIS) alerts compatible: Yes

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