Airman 850 ANR

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Lightweight Headset With Mic

If you are looking for a comfortable headset with a microphone that is designed for flight conditions this is a great companion. Pilots love the featherlight Airman 850 ANR for a number of reasons, most of all because you may forget you are wearing it! The world's lightest headset (less than 4 oz) featuring active noise reduction. Telex has expanded on the design of the world's most popular lightweight headset, the Airman 750, taking comfort, clarity, and convenience to the next level, without the use of batteries.

TELEX Airman 850 ANR Headset Intercom

Power to the ANR is provided by mic bias (active intercom). The Airman ANR 850 targets and reduces cockpit wind noise by providing up to -12 dB of active noise reduction, ensuring the clearest of inflight communications. Added new convenience features include an ANR on/off switch and "set and forget" volume control.

  • With no batteries to worry about, and "set and forget" volume control, this is the most convenient headset available. The Telex Airman 850 ANR Aviation Headset allows the clearest in communications through Active Noise Reduction technology providing up to 12 dB of attenuation between 100 and 2000 Hz.

    The earcups and cushions have been enlarged from previous models to enhance comfort. The ANR circuitry targets and reduces wind noise in commercial jets enabling greater comfort for long flights. Ear Cups fold to easily fit into your flight case. No battery pack required. Telex 3 year warranty.

    Note: An active intercom or Hot Mic is needed to fully power the ANR on this headset.

    Note: This flight headset was not designed for General Aviation / Propeller Aircraft. They are designed for the Commercial Aviation / Corporate Jet market.

Impedance 150-600 Ω (±20%)
Speaker Sensitivity 90 dB SPL/ mW @ 1 kHz ±5 dB
Speaker Frequency Response 350 Hz – 3 kHz


Microphone Sensitivity -51 dB re: 1 V/μbar @ 1 kHz, 12 VDC
Cord Length ~6 ft. (1.8 m)
Noise Reduction Active, up to 12 dB
Power Requirements Microphone Bias (requires boom microphone to be powered continuously)
FAA TSO Approvals C57a and C58a
Connector Type PJ-068 & PJ-055 equivalent or XLR-5-12C
Warranty 3 years
Weight ~3.7-4.0 oz (105-113 g)
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