Airspeed Indicator

Airspeed Indicator

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Airspeed Indicator, 3 1/8" 40-300 mph/ 40-260 knots, TSO

The 8000 Series Airspeed Indicator is intended for use on an aircraft to indicate the speed relative to the air at sea level and at any other altitude, to indicate the equivalent speed corresponding to the actual force of the air.

The true airspeed indicator corrects the indicated airspeed for changes in temperature and pressure encountered as aircraft changes altitude. By aligning outside temperature and pressure altitude with setting knob, movable airspeed scale is rotated proper amount so pointer registers true airspeed. Factory new. TSOD for certificated aircraft. Dual scale.

When properly connected to an airspeed tube, mounted so as to be in undisturbed air, the airspeed indicator measures the differential pressure developed between the pitot and static opening. The pressure is indicated in units of airspeed (mph and/or knots).

  • Certification: FAA TSO C2b
  • Case configuration: MS33638, 3inch
  • Typical Weight: 0.7 pounds
  • Static, Pitot Pressure Connector: 1/8 - 27 ANPT
  • Installation: Removable spring nuts and #6-32 screws
  • Lighting: Available upon request

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