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B2 Compute

The B2 COMPUTE is the FLEX System "computer bag" and is perfect for anyone who wants a small, efficient way to carry their 13-inch laptop or large tablets along with all the associated essentials. Or, it can serve as a compact document bag, or a lunch bag, or it could even carry a single change of clothes.

NOTE: If you have a 15-inch laptop, we have a CENTER SECTION for you: Check out the CS2-TALL.

The B2 consists of the POCKET CAP FRONT, CENTER SECTION 2, and FLAT CAP REAR. (It also includes the SHOULDER STRAP, and the MAIN HANDLE.)

The CS2 provides, you guessed it, two inches of storage depth, but keep in mind that there is also two thin flat storage areas BETWEEN each of the three modules. (Remember, it is a soft bag so it can expand slightly in every direction.) Keep in mind also that you can add any other Center Section to the B2 (like zip a CS4 in between the CS2 and the FCR) to add more storage on certain days. Any FLEX System module can zip onto any other FLEX System module. The Main Compartment of the CS2 in the B2 has locking zipper sliders.

This configuration will very commonly be used to carry a 13" Laptop along with an iPad (or other tablet) and some additional documentation. But it might also serve as an ultra narrow VFR flight bag if you happen to have the compact in-the-ear type of headset, or a headset where the ear cups fold flat. It's also a great commercial carry-on bag, or an outstanding daily personal bag (also known as a "man purse").

Consider the FLEX ARRAY KIT for an unbeatable way to create customized organization of all the small stuff INSIDE your bag. Use the FLEX ARRAY to store your mouse, power supply, cords and cables, back up hard drive, USB drives, pens and markers, etc., etc. It will fit inside the CS2 along with your laptop. This will allow you to make a completely self-contained laptop module that you can zip into your system whenever you need

This bag also makes an awesome slim Drone Bag if you have a DJI Mini or DJI Mini 2. You can just add the Drone Foam.

The other great thing about this bag is that it is actually TWO bags. Not only is it a B2 COMPUTE, but you can also build a B0 SLIM by removing the center section and zipping just the two End Cap modules together. NOTE: If you plan on doing this, you'll need to also order the SLIM HANDLE KIT because you'll need the small handle in order to carry the bag since there will be no 1' quick-release clips to allow for the MAIN HANDLE.

Consider getting the FLEX ARRAY KIT SHORT as a great way to organize all your computer stuff inside the CS2.

  • An unbeatable 13-inch laptop bag, or a super slim Flight Bag
  • Consists of the Pocket Cap Front, Center Section 2, and Flat Cap Rear
  • Includes the MH, SS, and Slim Handle Kit
  • Two inches of storage depth
  • You can add any other Center Section to the B2
  • Any Flex System module can zip onto any other Flex System module
  • Locking zipper sliders
  • Two different bags for the price of one
Interior Size, in 13.5" tall x 10.0" wide x 2.0 inches deep
Exterior Of Entire Bag Size, in 14.0" tall x 10.5" wide x 3.75" deep
Modular Expansion Capability Unlimited
Total Number Of Available Flex System Side Pockets Zero (the CS2 is not wide enough to have any FLEX-Mount side pocket stations)
Empty Weight, lbs 3.7
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