BOSE A30 ANR Headset

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BOSE A30 ANR Headset

The new Bose A30 Aviation Headset takes all the great comfort and performance from the industry leading A20, and made it even better!  Bose engineering now used digital ANR technology, improving the noise cancellation even more, and they’ve reduced clamping tension by 20%, making the A30 the quietist and most comfortable headset Bose has ever made. A30 weights just 12 ounces and uses improved softer headpads  and soft comfort ear seals—all designed to let you focus on what matters-flying.


The newly designed ergonomic control module includes a new feature that lets you select the amount of noise cancelling needed, depending on the type of airplane you’re flying. You can select “Low” if you’re flying the airlines or corporate jet, “Medium” for a turbo prop or heavy twin, and “High” for piston aircraft-including open cockpit and warbirds. An auxiliary audio input with Intercom/AUX priority switching which ideal for dedicated GPS and traffic warning systems. The customizable audio prioritization control let’s you select “Mute” and “Mix” settings. Bose Bluetooth connectivity allows wireless connection to your smartphone for calls an listening to music.  Unique to Bose headsets, the A30 has the “double-tap” talk through feature allowing the user to better communicate with those outside the intercom-ideal for airline use. The A30 is available with standard GA dual plugs, 6-pin Lemo, U174 helicopter plug, and 5-pin XLR plug, and comes with a durable carry case.

  • Up to 40% greater active noise reduction than conventional aviation headsets
  • Up to 50% less clamping pressure than conventional aviation headsets
  • Low-Medium-High selection for noise cancellation
  • Clear audio with active equalization
  • Bluetooth audio and communications interface for connectivity with your communications

And navigation devices

  • Talk-Through for communicating with those not on intercom
  • Customizable audio prioritization control lets you mute audio signal when receiving communications
  • 5-Year Factory Warranty
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