Brightline Center Section - 5 Inch


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Brightline Center Section - 5 Inch

Brightline bag components work only with the Flex System line of bags.

The CS5 was developed primarily for our IFR Flight Customers.  With the B10, you get enough storage for VFR to light IFR flying.  By adding a CS5, you can now add IFR Binders and documents, without changing the setup of the B10.  In addition to IFR equipment, the CS5 is perfect for a couple days worth or clothes, two more sets of headsets, or a 13" laptop.

The CS5 is 13.5" x 10.5" x 5".  (And remember, it is a soft bag so it can expand slightly in every direction.)

NOTE: The FLEX modules WILL NOT WORK with (will not zip onto) any older BrightLine Bag.  The zippers had to be of a different type to allow this modularity concept to work. The CS5 can attach to all of the FLEX System modules.

The CS5 can be used effectively in its Pre-Configured bag the B16.  The B16, consisting of a Front Bag, a CS5, a rear bag, and three pockets affords unbelievable storage and organization for the IFR Pilot.  And, because it is a FLEX bag, when you are not flying IFR, you can simply remove the CS5.  Of course, if you are flying somewhere overnight, the CS5 allows you to carry extra clothes, a 13"laptop, or more headsets, if needed.  

The CS5 makes a great bag all by itself.  By adding a Front End Cap and a Rear End Cap, you now have an amazing carrying case.  One might ask how they access all the equipment/clothes in the CS5.  On the CS5 there is top level access.  Simply unzip the top zipper, which is also a sunglasses holder, and reach down and grab your items.  However, the CS5 comes with a divider shelf.  It can be hard to get those items underneath the divider shelf.  On the CS5, you can also zip open the front panel, allowing you to grab all of the items inside.

There are also two FLEX-Mount pocket stations on the outside of the bag, one on each side. You can install any two of your choice of the FLEX System side pockets onto the sides of the CS5 at these stations.

The bottom of the bag has two plastic "skid plates" to help keep the bottom of the bag off the ground.

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