CGR-30 Combo Package

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Engine: 4-Cylinder
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  • TSO’d & STC’d as Primary Replacements
  • Instruments Fit Standard 3 1/8” Hole
  • Primary Replacement RPM
  • Primary Replacement Manifold Pressure
  • Primary Replacement Fuel Level (up to 4 fuel tanks)
  • Primary Replacement EGT/CHT Bargraph
  • Primary Replacement Oil Pressure
  • Primary Replacement Oil Temperature
  • Primary Replacement Volts
  • Primary Replacement Amps
  • Primary Replacement OAT
  • Primary Replacement Fuel Flow
  • G-Meter
  • Horsepower
  • Fuel Remaining and Fuel Used
  • GPS/Fuel Flow Data
  • Engine Time and Tach Time
  • Flight Timer
  • Local Time and Zulu Time
  • Pilot Programmable Checklists

Options (No Charge)

  • Primary Replacement Fuel Pressure*
  • Primary Replacement Hydraulic Pressure*
  • Primary Replacement TIT*
  • Primary Replacement Carb Temp or OAT*
  • Second Amps Measurement*
  • On Screen Annunciators
  • Return Fuel Flow Transducer (Pressure/Carb)*
  • More options may be available
  • *If applicable for your aircraft.

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