CI 120 GS

CI 120 GS

Part No:

Manufacturer: COMANT

Comant CI 120 GS VOR/LOC/GS

Frequency 108-118 MHz (VOR/LOC)
329-335 MHz (Glide Slope)

VOR/GS navigation antenna set provides optimum VOR performance when used for area navigation. Antenna system qualified for use on single, twin, jet and helicopter aircraft. Also provides glide slope reception capability. Complete set includes a pair (2) of blades, each with single BNC connector output, two coax interconnect cables and a signal combiner with single BNC connector output providing for a single cable run to the avionics installation. View the footprint of this combiner CI 120-3.
For dual VOR/Single Glide Slope operation with NAV 1 and NAV 2 receivers, use CI 505 diplexer. Dual VOR/dual glide slope operation is available when used with the CI 1125 diplexer.

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