David Clark H10-13S Stereo Headset and Bag Bundle

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David Clark H10-13S Aviation Stereo Headset with Pilot Headset Bag

 The David Clark H10-13S in stereo is one of the most comfortable noise-attenuating headsets you will ever wear. Extended sessions and in-flight experience are greatly improved with the H10-13S and its options. Comfortable design, optional accessories for individual fitting, noise reduction, and the stereo option makes this a top choice for pros.

The David Clark branded headset bag is designed for safe, secure storage of all David Clark headsets. Compact, soft shell design leaves plenty of room when placed in flight bags. Made of durable, ballistic nylon, with soft-lined inner shell, the headset bag features split front pockets for documents, cell phones, pens, sunglasses and other accessories and full width pocket in the back to accommodate a clip-board, book or magazine. Fits one headset. Size 10-3/4"(H) x 9-1/2"(W) x 3-3/4" (dept

Get a Comfortable and Reliable Aviation Headset For Your Next Flight

The Super-Soft, Double-Foam Headpad will improve the comfort and “wearability” of all H10-series headsets. It is wider and more tapered with 60% more surface area in contact with the head to dissipate headset weight. Its unique center “hinge” actually lets the headpad “breathe” for greater comfort. It also eliminates irritation while wearing button-top baseball caps.

The new Comfort-Gel Ear Seals have a patented undercut design and are 26% lighter and allow 30% more interior room for your ears, making for a quieter, more comfortable flight.

Also available in Standard Mono (five foot straight cord and dual plugs for fixed wing aircraft)

    Black ballistic nylon headset carry bag with DC Logo. Fits one headset with split front pockets for maps, pens and full width pocket in back to accommodate a clip-board, book or magazine.

    David Clark H10-13S Aviation Headset

    The David Clark H10-13S Headset is made in the USA and comes with a 5-year warranty. It is fully compliant with FAA TSOs C57 Cat. B and C58a, making it a must-have for aviation enthusiasts.

    Get the David Clark H10-13S Headset today and experience the difference it makes in your aviation communication.

    • Extremely Lightweight - only 13.4 oz.
    • Certified Noise Reduction Rating - 23 dB
    • Drastically Reduces Headband Force
    • Super Soft, Foam-Filled Pillow Headpad
    • Flo-Fit Gel Ear Seals
    • Straight Cord (5') with Dual Plugs
    • Plus all the standard features and a universal flex boom with our exclusive M-7A Amplified Electret noise-canceling microphone.
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