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The primary purpose of Instrument Pilot FAA Knowledge Test is to provide you with the easiest, fastest, and least expensive means of passing the FAA Instrument Rating - Airplane (IRA) knowledge test, which is required before you can take your instrument rating practical (flight) test.

Additionally, this book can be used in preparation for the following FAA knowledge tests:

  • Flight Instructor - Instrument - Airplane (FII), which is required for a flight instructor to add an instrument rating to his/her flight instructor certificate.
  • Instrument Ground Instructor (IGI), which is required for a person desiring to teach instrument procedures as a ground (classroom) instructor.
  • Instrument Rating - Foreign Pilot (IFP) who holds a foreign instrument rating and wants to add U.S. instrument privileges to their FAA private pilots certificate that was obtained on the basis of their foreign license.
  • Flight Instructor - Instrument - Airplane - Added Rating (AIF), which is required if a flight instructor has an instrument (helicopter) rating on his/her flight instructor certificate and desires to add an instrument (airplane) rating to that certificate.

Product Features:
We change the FAA knowledge (written) test process from a memorization marathon to a learning opportunity and experience. You get higher test scores in less study time. Seven of the major differences between our Instrument Pilot FAA Knowledge Test book and most other available books are:

  • Only airplane-related questions and study materials are included in our books.
  • Comprehensive explanations of each question's correct and incorrect answer choices are provided.
  • Answer explanations are next to each question, not at the back of the book.
  • All FAA test questions are reorganized into logical topics. (FARs, weather, navigation, etc.)
  • We provide outlines explaining the concepts tested at the beginning of each study unit so you can study and learn the material before you answer and study the test questions.
  • A detailed index assists you in finding topics and questions you wish to study.
  • We provide practice tests using the FAA's mix of question topics.
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