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Electronics International FP-5 Fuel Flow Aircraft Sensor

Managing fuel is critical for every flight. The FP-5 offers some primary state of the art fuel management and safety features not found on other fuel flow instruments on the market. Managing fuel is a critical function in an aircraft--and the FP-5 does this better than any other.

Two primary features of the FP-5 are a Pilot Programmable Low Fuel Alert and a Pilot Programmable Low Time to Empty Alert. These alerts catch your attention by blinking the Low Fuel LED (which will turn off when acknowledged by pushing any button or switch). These alerts can be set at any time from the front panel of the FP-5. By setting these alerts, the FP-5 becomes a Fuel Managing Co-Pilot, alerting you when it is time to check your fuel levels, switch tanks, check your flight plan or perform any other function you deem necessary.

Forgetting to check fuel level is not uncommon. If your fuel flow gauge or loran is only warning you after you have used all but the last few gallons of fuel, it's not managing your fuel. With the FP-5's pilot programmable alerts and displayed functions, managing your fuel is much easier and something you will not forget.

Another primary feature of the FP-5 is a Pilot Programmable Low Fuel Warning. This warning catches your attention by blinking the Low Fuel LED which will turn solid red when acknowledged by pushing any button or switch. This warning is an emergency warning, similar to those on other fuel flow instruments, but it is pilot programmable from the front panel at any time. This programmability allows you to set the limit to your specifications according to your aircraft and your desired safety margin (not a fixed limit chosen by a loran or fuel flow manufacturer).

To further manage your fuel and provide safety the FP-5 displays fuel pressure (with optional Fuel Pressure Transducer) in .2 PSI increments to 100 PSI. In addition it offers one Pilot Programmable Low Fuel Pressure Warning and one Pilot Programmable High Fuel Pressure Warning. These warnings catch your attention by blinking the High/Low Pressure LED. These warnings are emergency warnings and can be instrumental in early problem detection.

Example: If you develop a fuel leak (common with old fuel lines, sector pumps and carburetors) the fuel pressure will drop but will not go to 0 PSI. The engine will continue to run at idle or low RPM. On take-off there will not be enough fuel to keep the engine running or it will run very lean causing extensive damage to the cylinders. The FP-5 can detect this problem easily and alert you before take-off. This is done by programming the Low Fuel Pressure Warning to a level just below the normal operating level for your aircraft.

FP-5 Features:

  • Fuel Flow
    Accurate, stable fuel flow with a resolution of .1 GPH. Flow can be easily set to display in British Gallons, Lbs, Liters, or Gallons.

    Horsepower is based on fuel flow, and is accurate up to the leaning process (add an FM-T to the Auxiliary Channel for accuracy throughout all operations). This function can be set to read in percentage or raw Horsepower.

    Fuel Remaining
    The FP-5L calculates the fuel remaining in your tanks with a .1 Gallon resolution. Two programmable “Default Full Fuel” levels allow you to quickly reset the instrument to “Full” every time you fill your tanks. Alarms will alert you when you’ve reached programmed limits for remaining fuel.

    Fuel Used
    Fuel Used during the current flight, as well as fuel used since your fill up is kept track of to the tenth of a gallon.

    Time to Empty
    Time to Empty is based on Fuel Remaining and the current Fuel Flow. An alarm will alert you when you’ve reached a programmable limit.

    Miles Per Gallon
    Accurately keeps track of your gas mileage. This function can be displayed in Statute or Nautical Miles per Gallon.

    Recurring Fuel Used Alarm
    The Recurring Fuel Used Alarm can be set for any whole number of gallons used, alerting you to change tanks at a programmable interval of gallons used. This is an excellent tool for fuel tank management.

Aircraft Fuel Flow Sensor Installation

Needing aircraft fuel flow sensor installation? Contact our team of experts toll-free at 800-353-0370 or visit our installations services page!


FP-5 Features:

  • STC'd and PMA'd - FP-5 and FP-5L are STC'd for Gravity Feed, Carbureted, Pressure Carbureted and Injected Engines
  • Displays Fuel Flow to .1 Gal/Hr., Pressure to .2 PSI
  • Displays Horsepower to 1%
  • Displays Fuel Used, Remaining and Time to Empty
  • Automatic Calibration to K Factor at each fueling
  • Displays Fuel Used for Flight and Fuel Used Since Last Fill Up
  • Independent Warning Lights for fuel level and pressure
  • Automatic Reminder to update Fuel Level
  • Two Programmable Low Fuel Warnings
  • Programmable Scan Mode of various displays
  • Programmable Recurring Fuel Used Alarm
  • Programmable Time to Empty Warning
  • Programmable Low Fuel Pressure Warning
  • Programmable High Fuel Pressure Warning (with optional Pressure Transducer)
  • Programmable display for Gallons, Pounds, Liters or British Gallons
  • Programmable default Full Fuel Level
  • Programmable K Factor for excellent accuracy
  • Programmable Filter for fast response time
  • Programmable Update Time for .1 Gal/Hr resolution when used with a wide range of transducers
  • All Programmable Limits can be set by the pilot from the front panel at any time
  • Easy to Operate
  • LCD display for excellent viewing in direct sunlight
  • LCD is backlit for night operation
  • Mounts in a standard 2 1/4" Hole
  • Case Size: 2.5" x 2.5" x 3.65" depth

All packages include:

  • FP-5L Instrument
  • Wire Harness
  • Flow Transducer (FT-60, FT-90, specify when ordering)
  • Quick Reference Card
  • Operating & Installation Instructions

2.5” x 2.5” x 3.65” Deep, 2 1/4” Flush Mount

Instrument: 11 oz
Fuel Flow Transducer: 6 oz

Power Requirements
7.5 to 35 Volts
Typical: 0.5 amps @ 12 Volts

Intensity Control
Independent control lines allow pilots to adjust the intensity of both the Green Indicator Lights and the LCD Backlight during instrument operations.


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