FS-450M Twin Fuel Flow System

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FS-450M Twin Fuel Flow System

Fuel Scan FS-450M Twin Fuel Flow System

The Aviation Consumer, Product of the Year. JPI’s FS-450 is our top choice because it has all the options you need for fuel management.

JPI’s newest piece of panel wizardry relegates fuel-situation questions to relics of the past. From its new home between the top row of flight instruments and the top of avionics stack, the FS-450 blinked and winked the numbers to answer all my fuel-situation questions.

Connected to our Honeywell Skymap IIIC, the FS-450 happily winked and blinked its way through its information inventory and left me as relaxed as any fat-dumb-and-happy aviator should get — minus the “dumb” part of the equation, of course. Heavy-duty information and a light-duty price; could you want more? Sure, easy installation would be nice, something JPI also covered.

  • Continuous display of left and right engine fuel flow in Gallons per Hour. Litres and Lbs per hr also available
  • An amazingly low price includes Instrument harness and two Flow Scan 201 transducers
  • Automatically calculates the K factor
  • All programming done from the front panel
  • Size 3 1/8" diameter 
  • Lightweight 5 oz with Super Thin 1.5" depth
  • Three year warranty
  • Serial port sends and receives data from all GPS units, even handhelds
  • Calculates fuel to next waypoint
  • Auto Button, starts the automatic scan of the functions. Rate can be set from 1-9
  • Step button can index information forward or backward
  • All programing done easily from the from panel with two buttons and no switches to toggle

FS-450M Displays All These Functions:

  • Total Fuel Used
  • Fuel Remaining
  • Endurance in Hours and Minutes
  • Fuel Required to next Waypoint
  • Fuel Reserve at Next Waypoint
  • Nautical miles per Gallon or Litre
Fuel Used (USD):

How much fuel has been used since you last refueled. This number will always become larger as fuel is consumed. You can instead show the fuel used on a long multi-fuel stop flight and we will see later in this video how to do that.

Fuel remaining (REM):

How much total fuel remains in the aircraft. Only total fuel remaining in the aircraft is calculated.

Hours and minutes remaining (H.M.):

Based on the current fuel flow rate, displays the remaining endurance time. This parameter is most meaningful during cruise. During sea-level climb the fuel flow rate will be almost twice that of cruise and the endurance indication will be about half of actual. On the other hand, during a power reduction descent, the endurance will indicate more time than is actually available when flying at cruise power.

Fuel Required to Waypoint/ Destination (REQ):

This parameter will be displayed only if your EDM is receiving flight data from your GPS (this is a standard feature which is included with the Fuel Flow option). This will tell you how much fuel is required to get to the next waypoint or destination programmed on your GPS, based on your current fuel flow rate and present position.

Fuel Reserve (RES):

Fuel reserve when you arrive at your next waypoint. This parameter will be displayed only if your EDM is receiving flight data from your GPS (this is a standard feature which is included with the Fuel Flow option). This will tell you how much fuel reserve you can expect when you arrive at your next waypoint or destination programmed on your GPS, at the current fuel flow rate.


In The Box

  • Indicator
  • Fire Sleeve
  • Harness
  • Transducer
  • Pilots Guide

+ FAA TSO for Reliability and Accuracy, a 3 year warranty.
+ Talks to all GPS’s including Garmins 430/530 and all handheld’s etc. Displays gallons required to next waypoint or destination at no additional cost. FP-5L does not report “gallons to destination”. FP-5L does not work with a “handheld” GPS.
+ Programmable display for Gallons, Pounds, Liters. No imperial gallons .
+ Remote “Warning Light” programmable with Low fuel and low time warning.
+ Automatically calculates K- factor for excellent 1% accuracy
+ Return line systems (Pressure Carburetor) and gravity flow, no problem.
+ Clock size, 1.5″ deep, 2 1/4″ hole, 5.0 oz. wt.,
Transducer 3 oz. wt.

• TSO’d for use in turbo-prop aircraft.
+ When your, El, Hoskins, or Shadin fails upgrade it to destination an FS-450 using old transducer.
+ Automatic reminder (flashing digits) to update Fuel added. Fuel added Can be set after take-off not possible with the FP-5L/FP-5
+ “USED” Total fuel used can be set to zero at any time during flight.
+ Twin and Single FS-450M instrument.
+ %HP Calculated on fuel burn.
+ Timer included

Dimension: FS-450       –  2.5 x 2.5 x 2.3″ deep incl connector.

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