G5 PFD/HSI Package


G5 PFD/HSI Package

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Manufacturer: GARMIN

Dual G5 Installation Options Offer Added Redundancy

The G5 electronic flight instrument offers a wide range of flexible panel configuration options along with the reliability associated with a modern electronic flight instrument. Up to 2 G5 displays can be incorporated into a single aircraft panel in several approved combinations, including the attitude, DG/HSI or turn coordinator positions. In dual installations, a secondary G5 can revert to display attitude information in the unlikely event of a failure in the primary attitude indicator position. A pilot-selectable menu on the G5 DG/HSI enables the manual selection and interchange between the attitude indicator and DG/HSI display. Each G5 for certificated aircraft includes a 4-hour back-up battery for use in the event of an aircraft electrical system failure. In dual G5 configurations, customers receive dual ADAHRS and dual back-up batteries, offering safety-enhancing redundancy.


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  • To use a G5 as DG/HSI, is a magnetometer required, and if so, is it included?

    yes, there are two G5/HSI Kits and both include the GMU-11 Magnetometer. The K10-00280-21 G5/HSI will provide HSI course guidance for only GNC-255A or SL-30 Nav/Coms.  The K10-00280-31 also includes a GAD-29 Avionics Adapter so it will interface and provide course guidance for GNS-430W/530W, GTN-650/750, GNX-375, GPS-175, and GNC-355.

  • Do these G5’s in this package include LPM?

    Yes, that is the Install Kit available now for the certified G5's...the LPM is included.

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