GAD 13 Bundle with Connector Kit & OAT Probe

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The G5 electronic flight instruments are now capable of displaying very helpful Air Data information such as Wind Direction/Speed, True Airspeed (TAS), Outside Air Temperature (OAT), and Density Altitude (DA) (OAT)  by adding the  Garmin GAD™ 13 Adapter with CS307 OAT Probe.  Similar to other Garmin products, OAT displays along the bottom of the airspeed indicator, while TAS is displayed on the top of the airspeed indicator. With a dual G5 installation,  the G5/DG/HSI , Wind Direction and Speed is also displayed. For standalone G5 installations, the GAD 13 and a temperature probe are required in order to get this Air data information. For aircraft where G5 is paired with a compatible PFD such as G3X Touch, G5 will display this information with a software update. New for experimental aircraft, G5 can also display density altitude below the altimeter while the aircraft is on the ground.
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