GI-205 Radar Altimeter Indicator

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Affordable, Stand-alone Radar Altimeter Indicator Solution

  • Vibrant OLED display with full 180 degree viewing angle
  • At-a-glance graphical trend indicator displays vertical velocity information
  • Pilot selectable decision height
  • Visual and aural alerts when passing through decision height
  • Built-in audio generator for aural alerts calls out "minimums" voice (female or male) or traditional 1 kHz tone

Stand-alone Radar Altimeter Display

The stand-alone GI 205 represents the best-in-class technology available for stand-alone radar altimeters displays. It’s built to meet the needs of even the most demanding helicopter and general aviation applications.

Together, the GRA 55 and GI 205 can comprise a complete radar altimeter solution. The total system's reliability and accuracy, along with its flexible display capabilities, make it an optimal solution for operators equipping for NVIS operations or Part 135 operators looking to meet the equipage requirements established by the FAA for adoption by April 24, 2017.

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