GMC 507 Autopilot Controller- Experimental

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  • Digital 3-axis Magnetometer Heading Sensor

    • Small, lightweight, cost-effective source of magnetic heading reference
    • Provides accurate 3-axis sensing of the Earth’s magnetic field for use by Air Data, Attitude Heading Reference System (ADAHRS) to determine aircraft heading
    • Integrates with G3X™, G3X Touch™ and G5 series electronic flight displays
    • Usable for both experimental and certificated aircraft installations with the G5 electronic instrument serving as DG/HSI and/or attitude indicator
    • Installs easily; mountable in 4 cardinal compass directions

    GMU 11 is an affordable, microprocessor-based magnetometer. It can be used to accurately sense the Earth’s magnetic field alignment and provide this data to compatible ADAHRS processors for use in referencing aircraft magnetic heading. In essence, the magnetometer acts as an electronic compass, showing the ADAHRS which direction the aircraft is facing in relation to magnetic north.

    Unlike conventional flux valve systems, which detect only the horizontal component of the Earth’s magnetic field, the GMU 11 magnetometer provides full 3-axis vector measurements for the most precise digital indication of magnetic field strength and direction.

    ADAHRS components used on our popular G3X, G3X Touch and G5 electronic cockpit displays can use comparative inputs from GPS, magnetometer and air data computer information to achieve new levels of integrity, reliability and precision in digital flight reference.

    What’s more, because it’s an all solid-state design, GMU 11 offers low power consumption as well as easy installation and calibration. On most aircraft, GMU 11 is mounted in a separate remote location from the ADAHRS and other electronics — typically outboard in the wing, tail section or vertical stabilizer — to minimize any external magnetic interference.

  • GMC 507 control panel offers a dedicated interface for the GFC 500 autopilot in certifciated aircraft 
  • Allows pilots to control the advanced features offered by Garmin digital autopilot systems
  • Enables the autopilot to return your aircraft to straight-and-level flight
  • Independent flight director and third-axis yaw damper 
  • Stand-alone operation of the autopilot
  • Dedicated controller for advanced Garmin autopilots
  • Offers control wheel for altitude selection
  • LVL mode button automatically recovers from steep or unusual attitudes
  • Allows for stand-alone operation of the autopilot
  • Provides easy access to autopilot mode selection
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