KTX2 Standard


KTX2 Standard

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The newly developed KTX2 is a superlight, compact, mode S transponder with low power consumption and a high-grade TFT color display. As a Class 1 transponder with an operating range of up to 30,000 ft. and 250 kn, it is not only ideal for just gliders, experimentals, ultralights and balloons, but also for a large number of GA aircraft up to 5.7 metric tons MTOW (VFR and IFR). The KTX2 provides maximum possible safety, since in addition to the Squawk, also the flight level and an unambiguous 24-bit-identification which is allocated to the particular aircraft is transmitted. Furthermore the air traffic control is able to send requests to particular transponders. With this, the KTX2 makes a remarkable contribute to flight safety.


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  • Does this KTX2 comply with the ADSB-out mandate IF an acceptable GPS source in installed in experimental aircraft?

    Yes, that's correct. This is an ADS-B out Transponder and when connected to an acceptable WAAS GPS source will be ADS-B compliant.

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