The MD200 Series sets the standard for navigation instruments that are significantly more reliable, longer lasting and easier to read. Thousands have been sold by Garmin with the popular GNS 430/530 systems and the GTN Series touchscreen navigators. The MD200 Series is the preferred replacement for the Collins Micro Line IND 350 Series and replaces the BendixKing KI206.

Built-in annunciators are easy to view and save hundreds of dollars on most installations. These CDIs feature new-generation rectilinear meter movements for more accurate readings, plus a course selector and resolver output.

The MD200 Series can be configured for 14V or 28V installations.

  • Course Deviation Indicator designed to operate with VHF and GPS navigational equipment to provide OMNI (VOR), GPS, Localizer (VLOC), and Glideslope (GS) information
  • Designed to accept DC signals for Left/Right and Up/Down pointer deviation and Valid/Invalid (“flag”) status from a remote mounted VOR converter
  • Provides annunciations for NAV, VLOC, and GPS indication of the incoming source or mode and a TO or FR (from) annunciation to indicate direction of the ground signal or course waypoint from the aircraft
  • Receives inputs from compatible GPS/Navigation receivers or Flight Management Systems to provide a visual presentation to the pilot
  • Can be brightened or dimmed with an external lighting bus voltage for 5, 14 or 28V systems
  • Uses white LED unit lighting to illuminate the dial and pointers
  • High-quality d-sub connectors included with gold-plated pins
  • FAA TSO and ETSO certified for use with all GPS and VOR systems
  • Compatible with WAAS GPS receivers
  • Pin-for-pin replacement for all legacy MD200 models
  • Available in 2-inch or 3-inch bezel
  • Available with or without course datum synchro
DIMENSIONS : (without connectors, mates & knob) Bezel: 3-1/8” diameter, Chassis: 3.25” x 3.25” x 4.75” (HxWxD) WEIGHT: MD200-706: 1.3 pounds (0.59 kg)
INPUT VOLTAGE: 12-32 VDC INPUT CURRENT: 0.2 amps (maximum)
UNIT LIGHTING INPUT: 5, 14, or 28VDC ANNUNCIATOR LIGHTING: Automatic dimming control via internal photocell (adjustable)
OBS RESOLVER : Electrical zero: 300° ±1° ORZ MOUNTING: Rear mount
POINTER DEVIATION: Input impedance: 1k ±10%, Deflection sensitivity: 150mV ±10% full scale deflection VALID SIGNAL: Input impedance: 1k ±10%, Valid sensitivity: 260 mV ±10% to display pointers
TO/FROM INDICATOR: Input impedance: 200 ±10% , Annunciator sensitivity: 40mV ±15%   COURSE DATUM OUTPUT: Standard ARINC X, Y, Z; 11.8VRMS (400 Hz)
MATING CONNECTOR: 3-pin AN type female (MS3106A14S–7S with MS3057–6A) COVER GLASS: HEA (anti-reflective) coated per MIL-C-14806
MATING CONNECTORS: 25-pin D-Sub, MCIA p/n 7014517,  9-pin D-Sub, MCIA p/n 8017287 (-707 only) LIGHTING: Light emitting diodes (LEDs)


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